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Scheme Analysis

Any strategy and scheme analysis.

How Revis changes the Bucs' defense

Analyzing the star cornerback's impact on the Buccaneers defense. It will be big.

Analyzing the Bucs' pass defense

We've got some in-depth analysis of the team's playcalling, scheme and problems in pass defense. And the results may not be what you think they will be.

Barber says defense will change in 2013

Ronde Barber hasn't returned to the Bucs yet, but he has some things to say on the defense. Most notably: it will be different in 2013. But how realistic is that, really?

Analyzing the defense part I: stopping the run

We go in-depth to discover exactly how the Bucs managed to stop the run. Lots of scheme analysis ahead!

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The Run Game Analyzed

How the read-option shaped Schiano's defense

The Buccaneers have managed to stop the read-option this season, and Greg Schiano's defense is a big reason why. How does it work, and why does it work?

Living and dying with the blitz

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been extremely blitz-heavy, and its cost them - but it has also helped them.

Saints - Bucs Game Film: Missed opportunities

The Bucs did well on offense against the New Orleans Saints, but how and why did their offense explode? We go through a couple of plays and show you what really happened.

Saints - Bucs Film: Coverage breakdowns galore

How did the Bucs defense fail? Numerous coverage breakdowns gave the Saints easy yards and points, and we go through the game film to explain a few of these failures.

Whither Pass Rush?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have talent and quality along the defensive line, and the players to wreak havoc on opposing offensive lines. Yet against the Saints, Brees was barely touched. What happened?

How the Buccaneers stopped Jamaal Charles

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the best run defense in the NFL, but they didn't stop the Kansas City Chiefs through magic. Find out how Brady Quinn helped the Bucs halt Jamaal Charles.

Breaking Down The Blitz

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers buried themselves with blitzes on Sunday, and lost the game. But how and why did those blitzes break down? Find out here.

Buccaneers - Giants Snap Counts: Defensive Fatigue Caused Fourth-Quarter Collapse

The snap counts reveal an interesting new story of the Bucs' fourth-quarter collapse, and the answer to this problem isn't simple.

Panthers - Buccaneers Game Film: All-22 Reveals Sloppy Safety Play

The defense played well, but a few blown coverages almost cost the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the game. Find out who was at fault, and how the Bucs gave up over 300 yards through the air here.

Panthers - Buccaneers: Reviewing Snap Counts

Analyzing Tampa Bay's snap counts.

Ronde Barber talks about stopping tight ends, changing NFL

On hybrid players and their effect on defense and offense.

Doug Martin easily wins running back competition over Legarrette Blount

Improving Red Zone Efficiency: Time for the Option?

Why would the Bucs be served by adding the option to their playbook in the red zone?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers emulate Houston Texans defense

A few more thoughts on the Bucs' defensive scheme next season.

Safety play will be the key to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense

The safeties will play an important role in the team's new defense.

Tight ends won't do much in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense

On the role of the tight end in the Bucs' offense.

Play-action? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were terrible at it

The Bucs' struggled with play-action - so we look at why this was the case, and whether that will be solved this year.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going back to their undersized linebackers

Undersized linebackers are the rule, not the exception, in the Tampa Bay area.

Greg Schiano's Defensive Philosophy Explained

Using a coaching clinic, we explain what Greg Schiano's defensive philosophy is, and how he plans to teach everything.

Greg Cosell talks about the Bucs offense, Trent Richardson and Vincent Jackson

Greg Cosell offers his opinion on what the Bucs should do with the fifth overall pick.

Bill Sheridan will run Schiano's defense, talks about bringing pressure

Sheridan's thoughts on the new defense.

Return of the Power Running Game?

With their new offensive coordinator will the Buccaneers finally return to the power running game?

Say goodbye to the West Coast Offense, Tampa Bay

Greg Schiano wants to change the profile of the Bucs' offense. Can he do it?

Could the Bucs move to a 3-4?

Could the Bucs move to a 3-4?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hate Running The Ball - But Why?

The Bucs have the fewest carries in the NFL, despite being pretty good at running the ball. What gives?