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Austin Seferian-Jenkins will have to help Mike Glennon out

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to get good play out of Austin Seferian-Jenkins, as Mike Glennon gets comfortable in an offense with very few reliable targets.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Glennon is going to have to lead this offense for the foreseeable future. And he'll need some help there: with Mike Evans out and Vincent Jackson playing through a wrist injury, he doesn't have a lot of targets to throw to. One player who's going to be crucial for Glennon is Austin Seferian-Jenkins, the team's second-round pick who has had to play through an ankle sprain to get on the field.

ASJ catch

It's a great example of an anticipation throw in a must-have situation. Those are the kinds of throws that Glennon has to make consistently if he is to take the next step as a quarterback, and he did a good job of that in his last game.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins will also be a great help. His speed and athleticism down the field stand out on that play, even while he's playing on a still-sprained ankle. Once he gets more comfortable in the system and heals properly, he's going to become more of a receiving threat than he already is.

One other player who's going to have to step up is Louis Murphy, now the starting wideout opposite Vincent Jackson with Mike Evans injured. Murphy played his first game for the Bucs last week, racked up 99 yards and generally looked like a competent receiver. His stand-out play came on the very final drive, when his 41-yard catch set up the game-winning touchdown catch.

Murphy Catch

The scheme worked to free him up, and it's yet another good example of the kind of down-the-field, anticipation throw Glennon has to make consistently. The playcall creates a two-on-one situation, and Glennon exploits it perfectly. It's also the kind of throw Josh McCown refused to make in the previous three games, even when there were opportunities to pull the trigger.

If the Buccaneers can get that kind of play out of Mike Glennon, out of Louis Murphy and out of Austin Seferian-Jenkins consistently, they'll have a very good chance of winning Sunday's game, and a lot more games beyond that.