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Scheme Analysis

Any strategy and scheme analysis.

What to expect from Tampa Bay’s offense in 2019

Hold on to your butts

Winston made some ridiculous throws

The rookie quarterback made throws that many veterans don't.

Winston's ability to handle pressure is special

Jameis Winston is showing more and more signs of being a potentially elite quarterback.

Winston's inconsistent game

The Bucs won and Winston made several big throws, but this may have been his worst game since opening week.

Jameis Winston was outstanding

Winston made crucial, tough throws and protected the ball. What more can you ask of a quarterback?

The Bucs can't cover, regardless of scheme

If everyone is in the wrong, the coaching is to blame.

Winston had a very un-Winston day

Winston played well, but he was uncharacteristically cautious with his throws.

Why Hurns was wide open on McDougald's INT

The Bucs defense has consistent communication issues.

ASJ has to help Glennon out

The Bucs have a big tight end. Now they need to use him.

Martin's pass protection is fixed

Doug Martin looks much better in pass protection.

Offensive line problem isn't talent

It's communication issues.

Tampa 2 is not the problem

The execution of the defense is the real issue plaguing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense.

Defense was passive, lacked fundamentals

What went wrong on defense for the Buccaneers against the Panthers?

Breaking down Jorvorskie Lane's rumble

Jorvorskie Lane produced the Bucs' biggest run against the Carolina Panthers. We break it down for you!

Not Just Tampa 2: Breaking Down Lovie's Defense

Lovie Smith is back in Tampa, and that means a return to the Buccaneer defenses of the late 90's and early 2000's. Or does it? I spoke to a former Lovie Smith defender to find out more.

Clinton McDonald > Akeem Spence

Who will play nose tackle?

Zone blocking is not what you think it is

The Buccaneers probably can't get away with starting scrubs on the offensive line, even if they run a zone-based blocking scheme.

All-22: Buccaneers run defense is struggling

Stopping the run is the Bucs' priority, but they're not doing a very good job.

All-22: clearing up the Revis coverage confusion

The Bucs are using Revis in man coverage -- kind of.

Bucs continue to use Revis in odd ways

I just don't understand what they're doing with Darrelle Revis.

All-22 Review: Bucs defense vs Patriots

Reviewing a few key plays from the Buccaneers vs Patriots game.

All-22: Glennon needs better support

Josh Freeman wasn't great, but if Mike Glennon doesn't get better help he won't be much better, either.

Saints vs. Bucs All-22: Running and passing

We take a look at the offensive All-22 against the Saints.

How the Bucs fooled Drew Brees

The Bucs managed to fool Drew Brees with great defensive design.

The Bucs are wasting Revis: All-22 breakdown

Paying a cornerback $16 million per year to play zone coverage is not a good idea.

Bucs don't trust Freeman to win games

The Buccaneers don't trust Josh Freeman to win games. We can clearly see this on tape.

Revis unhappy about Schiano's scheme

Darrelle Revis has a right to complain, because they're not using him intelligently.

All-22: Stunts and matching up with the Saints

Stunting is bad enough, but the Saints pose other issues for the Buccaneers.

Bucs vs.Jets All-22: Offensive scheme was awful

Mike Sullivan schemed a horrible game.

How the Bucs beat the Falcons

The Buccaneers' pass defense was a disaster last season, but we show you how and why it should be much better this season, using the win over the Atlanta Falcons as the template.

Bucs blitzed DBs 120 times for 4 sacks

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers loved to blitz in 2012, but weren't very good at it.

Return Of The Three-Man Line

Will the three-man line be effective for the Buccaneers, or will this turn out to be another defensive flop?

How Gerald McCoy gets one-on-ones

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have designed their scheme to help McCoy, but they will need better play elsewhere to fully take advantage.

2012 Week 2's Key Play Broken Down

A series identifying the key play in each game of the Bucs' 2012 season, using nothing more than a white board, marker pens and the All-22 camera angle - or the 'View from the Crow's Nest'. This entry is for the Week 2 game versus the Giants.

The tilted nose tackle

What do Mean Joe Greene and Brad Culpepper have in common? And what do stunts and double teams have to do with it?

2012 Week 1's Key Play Broken Down

A series identifying the key play in each game of the Bucs' 2012 season, using nothing more than a white board, marker pens and the All-22 camera angle - or what I call the View from the Crow's Nest. This entry is for the Week 1 game versus Carolina.