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Season By Season History

A look at every year in Buccaneer franchise history from 1976 to 2013.

Season by Season History: 2011

The "Youngry" Bucs were a total disappointment after a promising season the year before.

Season by Season History: 2010

The Bucs shocked the NFL, but fell just short of a playoff berth.

Season by Season History: 2009

The Bucs were left with a talentless roster, and an inexperienced head coach who would fire both of his coordinators during the season. Other than that, things were just fine.

Season by Season History: 2008

A strong start and an epic collapse summed up the Buccaneers' recent history in frustrating fashion.

Season by Season History of the Bucs: 2007

The Bucs last made the playoffs in 2007. Savor this article, my friends. It only gets worse from here.

Season by Season History of the Bucs: 2006

2006 was the beginning of the end for the Buccaneers, as the defense got older and the offense got worse.

Season by Season History: 2005

The Bucs rebounded after their Super Bowl hangover, but crashed out of the 2005 season in frustrating fashion.

Season By Season History: 2004

The Super Bowl hangover had turned into a lingering headache for the Buccaneers.

Season by Season History of the Buccaneers: 2003

The Bucs crash-landed after a historic Super Bowl season.

Season By Season History of the Bucs: 2002

The Bucs overcame their nemesis and rose to the top of the NFL.

Season by Season History: 2001

The Buccaneers fell to the Eagles once again, but this time, it cost the best coach in the franchise's history his job.

Season By Season History: 2000

The Buccaneers orchestrated a huge trade before the 2000 season to attempt to move from title-game losers to Super Bowl champions.

Season By Season History of the Bucs: 1999

We all know it was a catch, Bert.

Season By Season History of the Bucs: 1998

The Bucs take a bit of a stumble on the path to success.

Season By Season History of the Bucs: 1997

Everything changed for the Buccaneers in 1997.

Season by Season History of the Buccaneers: 1996

The Buccaneers added more talent and a great head coach with a solid staff of assistants as they sought to move away from the losing ways of the past decade.

Season by Season History of the Bucs: 1995

The Buccaneers took a big step forward in 1995, as a culture of losing began to fade away in Tampa.

Season by Season History of the Bucs: 1994

A season of tragic but important change in Tampa Bay.

Season By Season History of the Bucs: 1991

More dumb front office moves and more losing for the Buccaneers. When would things turn around?

Season by Season History of the Bucs: 1990

An awful trade and a fired head coach left the Bucs lost and confused after yet another losing season.

Season by Season History of the Bucs: 1989

Things weren't getting any better in Tampa, as failed draft picks and poor play on both sides of the ball kept the Bucs in the cellar of the NFC Central.

Season by Season History: 1988

The Bucs finally got a top draft pick right, but would anything else go right for the Bucs after five straight seasons with double-digit losses?

Season by Season History: 1987

The Buccaneers hired a new head coach, snagged a QB with their first draft pick, and seemed to have righted the ship. Could they finally turn things around, half a decade after their last decent season?

Season by Season History: 1986

The Buccaneers lost a legend with the retirement of Lee Roy Selmon, but added another at the top of the draft. There was just one small problem...

Season by Season History: 1985

One of the best players to ever suit up for the Bucs got his first shot at the NFL in 1985. He didn't exactly set the world on fire.

Season by Season History: 1984

The Buccaneers went into 1984 looking to rebound from a disappointing season the year prior, but wound up trying to make one last run for their resigning head coach.

Season by Season History: 1983

There was nothing to cheer about in 1983 in Tampa. It was the beginning of a long history of frustration for the Buccaneers.

Season by Season History: 1982

A draft-day gaffe and a late collapse spelled the end of the winning ways in Tampa for a couple of decades.

Season By Season History: 1981

The Bucs rebounded after a disappointing 1980, and returned to the playoffs. But there was trouble on the horizon...

Season by Season History: 1980

The Bucs stumble and fall in the follow-up act to their impressive 1979 season.

Season by Season History: 1979

The Buccaneers leave behind their losing ways for one season, and make a magical run to the NFC Championship game.

Season by Season History: 1978

Doug Williams arrived on the scene as the Bucs defense continued to climb the charts in the NFL. The scene was set for what would happen just a year later.

Season By Season History: 1977

The Buccaneers finally win a game! But somehow, things got even worse on offense. Find out the details in the second part of our series.

Season by Season History: 1976

We start our series on the history of the Bucs by taking a look at their first season in franchise history.