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Player Analysis

Reviewing the run blocking: Week 13, part two

In part two of this week's run blocking review, we look at an example of the team getting the Iso right, and look at two different run plays the Bucs employed in the red zone last Sunday.

VIDEO: Week 10 Pass Protection Review (part one)

In something of a departure, we've decided to stop writing articles reviewing the pass protection - and instead create videos reviewing the pass protection. Let us know what you think of the new format in the comments.

What can we expect of Mike Glennon?

Can the quarterback get the Buccaneers their first victory of the season?

Josh Freeman vs. Game Film - Patriots edition

Going through every Freeman snap.

Mark Barron emerges

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers at least have talent on their team.

Reviewing the pass protection - part two

Part two of the Week 2 pass protection review - we take a second look at the strip-sack, breakdown another rushed throw, before turning to two examples of near-perfect pass protection

What the game film said about Freeman on Sunday

The narrative in the media and among fans, fuelled by the stats, suggests Freeman had a bad game on Sunday, and was a huge reason for the loss. The game film tells a very different story.

Freeman's problem -- blitz or coverage?

What's the biggest issue for Josh Freeman? And, can it be fixed?

Josh Freeman must improve to keep his job

What are Josh Freeman's problems and where does he need to improve? Greg Cosell gives his opinion with some outstanding analysis.

Freeman was the 2nd-worst NFL QB against pressure

A "frustrating" player and an "enigma" -- Ron Jaworski's assessment of Freeman is hardly complimentary.

Da'Quan Bowers outperformed Terrell Suggs

Better than Terrell Suggs? His 2012 production at least suggests that that could be the case.

Akeem Spence is the perfect fit for the Bucs

Akeem Spence has some elements of Geno Atkins to his game, which is high praise for a fourth-round draft pick who is seen as mostly a run stuffer.

NC State prepared Mike Glennon for the NFL

Mike Glennon could be NFL ready, judging by NC State's record -- but his offseason performance seems to disagree.

Why is Myron Lewis on the team?

Why is Myron Lewis still with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Superstar Leonard Johnson may not get playing time

Leonard Johnson had a decent rookie season -- but can he find a way to get on the field again?

Freeman's youth provides upside

Josh Freeman has talent, but he can turn that talent into production in his fifth season in the NFL?

Freeman is the Bucs' starting quarterback

Mike Glennon won't threaten Josh Freeman's starting position this preseason, despite some hysteria.

Mike Glennon could play this season

The Bucs love Mike Glennon so much, he could take over at some point this season.

Bowers expects big things

Da'Quan Bowers is ready to take over the world.

Will Banks mean the end for Barber?

Johnthan Banks has a specific skillset, which could mean he'll force Ronde Barber to retire.

Do the Bucs believe in Freeman?

Mentality and leadership are supposedly the problem, but does that matter?

Mike Glennon is Matt Ryan

Mike Glennon has a lot to work on, but he has a lot of positive traits as well.

How Revis changes the Bucs' defense

Analyzing the star cornerback's impact on the Buccaneers defense. It will be big.

The team's worst pass defender

We take a look at the team's worst pass defender, using all-22 footage and plenty of in-depth analysis.

What Blount Teaches Us About Schiano (part two)

The second part of an extended look at LeGarrette Blount as a player, and what his treatment teaches us about Greg Schiano. This part looks at Blount's game tape from 2011, in order to contrast his play in the pre-Schiano era to what it was in 2012

What Blount Teaches Us About Schiano (part one)

The first part of an extended look at LeGarrette Blount as a player, and what his treatment teaches us about Greg Schiano. The first part explores Blount's story so far, and how he has been perceived by the media and the fans.

Landri is Miller's replacement

A bit about Derek Landri's role on defense.

What does Tom Crabtree bring to the Bucs?

We take a quick look at what Crabtree can bring to the Buccaneers.

Ron Jaworski rips into Josh Freeman

Ron Jaworski has gone over every starting NFL quarterback, and he's none too pleased with Josh Freeman.

Competition is no magic bullet

Competition, competition, competition. That's what Buccaneers fans want to see, but will it fix anything?

Da'Quan Bowers keys improved Buccaneers pass rush

The return of Da'Quan Bowers has sparked the Bucs' pass rush, as the team has managed to get to the quarterback more and more frequently in recent weeks.

Jaworski: Freeman becoming a superstar

Josh Freeman has been amazing this year, and Ron Jaworski thinks he's about to become a superstar

Can Freeman beat the Panthers pass defense?

Josh Freeman has been terrific the past four games, but can he keep it up against a quality Carolina defense?

What's up with the late-round rookies?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have faced a series of injuries, but their late-round draft picks have failed to even sniff game action.

Josh Freeman is not a star -- yet

Josh Freeman has been incredibly productive over the past three weeks, but it's much too early to say he's turned a corner.

Buccaneers RB Doug Martin breaks out

Through the first four games of the season, Doug Martin was not enjoying himself or having much success. But over the last two games, he's looked like a real first-round pick.