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Player Analysis

Reviewing the game film on Mike Glennon - Week Six

Last Sunday's game against the Eagles may have ended with yet another loss, but putting on the game film shows some encouraging signs of Mike Glennon's development - and some flashes of the potential to be a long-term starter in the right system.

Buccaneers Draft Profile: CB Julian Love

Could the former Fighting Irishman find his way to Tampa Bay?

Buccaneers Draft Profile: S Mike Edwards

The former Wildcat could be a big addition for Tampa Bay.

Is Jeffery Simmons worth the wait?

It’s always a good idea to have a "Plan B"

What to expect from Tampa Bay’s offense in 2019

Hold on to your butts

Buccaneers Draft Profile - OG Cody Ford

The Bucs seem to always need help on the offensive line.

Buc ‘N’ Nuts: Game of Thrones Edition

Derick and Evan make their player comps with some of the legendary characters from the TV show

Losing the trench warfare is killing the run game

The Buccaneer offensive line failed consistently in run blocking against the Panthers, and based on how poor the OL play was, this may only be a taste of what's to come over the rest of the season.

Bucs' most underrated: Dashon Goldson

The highly-paid free safety is about to have a big season under Lovie Smith.

Josh McCown vs Game Film: Week 9, part two

We look look at more plays from McCown's game against the Packers, to find out just what the Bucs have in their starting quarterback

Josh McCown vs Game Film, Week 9

Josh McCown had an impressive performance coming off the bench against Washington in Week 7 - but how did he perform with a full two weeks of practice reps with the starters?

Josh McCown vs Game Film: part one

Yes, the 'vs Game Film' series is back for the offseason, to see what exactly it is we have in our new starting QB, Josh McCown

Reviewing the game film on Glennon, part two

We take a look at some more plays from the Week 16 loss to the Rams to point out just why Glennon cannot be handed the reins to the team for 2014 uncontested.

Reviewing the game film on Glennon: part one

Over the season, Glennon has regressed in almost every aspect of play. In Week 16, the combination of the same issues he's shown all year together with his most hesitant, indecisive performance cast real doubt over his status as a starting NFL QB.

Mike Glennon vs Game Film: Throw the ball!

This week's installment of Mike Glennon vs. Game Film.

Reviewing the run blocking: Week 13, part one

We look at a selection of the Bucs' run plays last Sunday to try and understand why the run game failed to get off the ground. Pun intended.

Reviewing the game film on Glennon: Week 13

With the team's three-game win streak, and Glennon's eight-game touchdown streak, brought to an abrupt end this past Sunday against the Panthers, we look at the game film to see how Glennon fared in his first game without throwing a touchdown pass.

Glennon does NOT deserve your unabashed loved yet

Further tape review shows that Glennon is still far closer to a game manager than he is to being a game winner - but there's signs that he might still yet get there

Reviewing the game film on Glennon: Week 12

Despite leading the team to their third straight win, many of the same issues remain with Mike Glennon - yet, he also flashed more promise in that game than he had before. He's unquestionably improving, but is it enough to declare him The Answer?

Reviewing the quarterback play: Week 11

After three straight weeks of glaring regression in all significant areas of quarterback play, Mike Glennon bounced back with his best performance to date. Has Glennon turned the corner, or is it still too early to order your #8 jersey?

Mike Glennon's best game of the season

Some small evidence that Glennon could turn out to be 'the guy', after all.

All-22: Reviewing the film on Glennon, Week 10

The Bucs may have gotten their first win of 2013 on Monday Night Football, but they did so in spite of, not because of, Mike Glennon. We show how Glennon's decision making on MNF make it hard to see him remaining the starter beyond this season.

Does Mike Glennon trust the offensive line?

Mike Glennon's scrambles against the Seahawks actively hurt the Bucs - and often came when there was no need to escape the pocket. We look at three plays that indicate Glennon might not trust the Bucs' offensive line

Reviewing the pass protection: Week 9 - part three

The final part of the Week 9 pass-pro review looks at some positive plays from Sunday, culminating in possibly the best single-play performance from a Bucaneers offensive lineman this season.

Reviewing the pass protection: Week 9 - part two

In part two of the Week 9 pass protection review, we look at the failings of one specific position which have been letting the offensive line down as a whole this season: guard.

Reviewing the pass protection: Week 9 - part one

In [art pme of the Week 9 pass protection review, we look at some evidence that the apparent improved play on the offensive line is a product of increased chemistry and communication by the OL - and explain why it still needs to improve further.

Reviewing the game film on Glennon: Week 9

For your weekly Mike Glennon review, we look at the areas where Glennon is improving, how he can improve, and where he's regressing; plus your regular breakdown of every pass Glennon threw last Sunday.

Gerald McCoy's dominant day

Gerald McCoy destroyed the Seattle Seahawks.

What Glennon's statistics tell us

Mike Glennon has been okay, but nothing more than that.

Reviewing the game film on Glennon - Week 8

Your weekly QB game film breakdown; While Glennon did show some signs of development when he had space and time to throw and scan the field, the results when the Carolina D, and his coaches, put him under pressure were a lot uglier.

Reviewing the pass protection - part two

After looking at the typical pass protection the Bucs showed last week in part one, part two looks at some of the highs and lows the team's blockers had in keeping Glennon's jersey clean.

Glennon's anticipation and placement must improve

The issues facing the Tampa bay quarterback.

Reviewing the pass protection - part one

Last Sunday arguably saw the cleanest a Bucs' QB jersey has been all season - but was the pass protection as solid as it looked? We turn to the coaches film to find out.

All-22: Tim Wright emerges as a weapon

Could an undrafted rookie be the answer at tight end?

Reviewing the game film on Mike Glennon

We throw away the stat sheet and instead turn to the game film to determine how good a game Mike Glennon had against the Cardinals - and whether he's the right man in the right place to become a starting-calibre NFL quarterback.

Mike Glennon's Good, Bad and Ugly

Reviewing Mike Glennon's first performance as a Buccaneer.


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