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"The Jets are going to screw this up"

More posturing from the Buccaneers and Jets.

Glazers speak: Bucs get indoor practice field

The Glazers addressed the media as they do once per year, and the most interesting news is that of an indoor practice facility.

Rex Ryan: "Not actively trying to trade Revis"

Rex Ryan speaks out on Revis, doesn't sound very convincing.

Bucs talk to Grimes, losing interest in Revis?

The Buccaneers are reportedly talking to Brent Grimes -- and perhaps losing interest in Darrelle Revis at the same time.

Bucs could deal first-round pick for Revis

The plot thickens as the Bucs indicate they aren't set on keeping their first-round pick this year.

Bucs get no compensatory picks

The full list of Buccaneers picks and the compensatory picks.

Wright needs to restructure his contract

Mark Dominik talked to the media today, and we have all the details.

Bucs interested in Captain Munnerlyn

The Bucs are interested in Captain Munnerlyn, if we can believe his twitter account.

More evidence that Jets will deal Revis

As we move on, it's becoming increasingly clear that the New York Jets will move their star cornerback. The question is just: when?

Revis trade: June 1 deadline is irrelevant

The Jets will take a massive cap hit if they trade Revis after June 1 -- but that's completely irrelevant. We go in depth to explain why.

Idzik expects Revis to be a Jet

Useless press conferences made us none the wiser, but let's talk about them anyway!

Goldson's contract has $25.5 million in guarantees

We've got some more info on Goldson's contract, and it's a worse deal than initially reported.

Crabtree's contract is worth $1.6 million

The contract details for Tom Crabtree are in.

$1 million Bonus won't stop Revis trade

Revis is due a bonus today -- but that won't stop the Bucs or Jets from hashing out a trade.

Talib signs one-year deal with Patriots

The Patriots have snapped another cornerback off the market.

Contract numbers for Ogletree and Casillas

We have the contract numbers for two new Buccaneers

Tom Crabtree is your new tight end

The Bucs have signed Tom Crabtree as their new tight end.

Bucs let Bennett leave because of size, Bowers

Find out exactly why the Bucs let Michael Bennett leave -- and why it's still stupid.

Benn traded to Eagles for peanuts

Arrelious Benn was traded to the Eagles for essentially nothing.

Roy Miller signs with Jaguars

Roy Miller is an Eagle now.

Ogletree's contract is two years, $2.6 million

Some details on Kevin Ogletree's contract. Surprise: it's not huge.

Eric Wright's guarantee voided

NFL reactions, grades for Goldson signing

The NFL and media react to the Dashon Goldson signing. What did they think?

Free agency live blog & open thread

Today's live blog and open thread

Bucs should hold the line on the Revis deal

Never get into a bidding war with yourself

Bucs let Bennett walk over $5 million


Money ain't a thang -- creative with picks?

The money won't be a problem, but the compensation in draft picks may be.

Quincy Black released

Bucs sign Kevin Ogletree

The Bucs have added another receiver to a receiving corps that lacks depth.

Keenan Lewis & Cary Williams are off the market

The Bucs don't have many options, making a trade for Revis increasingly likely.

Goldson contract numbers leave Bucs plenty of room

The numbers on Goldson's contract are in, and the Bucs still have plenty of cap room to make some big moves.

Why Darrelle Revis will be a Buccaneer

I explain why I think Revis will be a Buccaneer before the draft starts.

Michael Bennett visits Dolphins

The Bucs could lose Bennett today, as he visits the Miami Dolphins.

Chiefs sign Sean Smith

The Bucs lose out on another cornerback they apparently didn't pursue after all.

Bucs want Biggers back

The Bucs are trying to re-sign EJ Biggers. Is this a good idea?

Trueblood goes to Redskins

The endless nightmare is over!