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Bucs set Revis deadline at one week before draft

We have more reports, deadlines and compensation. What should you believe? I don't have a freaking clue, but it sure is entertaining.

Jets want "a lot more" than 2013 first-rounder

The Jets want more than a 2013 first-rounder, but are they likely to get it? We review the facts.

Is Woody Johnson holding up a trade?

Now it appears Woody Johnson is the stumbling block. Will this soap opera ever end? I'm guessing...yes. But not now.

Dan Orlovsky re-signs with the Bucs

The Buccaneers have re-signed a player. A quarterback. A backup quarterback.

Bucs growing impatient

The Bucs are growing impatient as more details of the conditions of a trade start to leak out.

Revis trade expected during week of the draft

We now have a real deadline for a Darrelle Revis trade: the week of the draft. Get all the details here.

Revis will attend Jets offseason workouts

More drama surrounding Revis, but what does it mean? For now, he's attending workouts.

Bucs release D.J. Ware, Dan Orlovsky

The Bucs have made a couple of unexplained roster moves.

Preseason: Patriots, Dolphins, Ravens, Redskins

The Preseason schedule is out, and the Buccaneers have given themselves a pretty competitive schedule.

Bucs work out Tyrann Mathieu

Would Tyrann Mathieu fit the Buccaneers? Why, and why not? We examine, and let you know that the Bucs at least have a minimal level of interest.

Eric Wright is likely to remain in Tampa

New reports suggest the Bucs aren't as set on trading Wright as supposed earlier. So what does that mean for the Bucs?

Carson Palmer goes to Arizona

Palmer has been traded. The bird has landed. And how this affects the Buccaneers, of course.

Bucs sign WR Steve Smith. No, the other one.

The Buccaneers continue to add quality depth and competition to the roster at low prices. Steve Smith is the latest addition -- and he has a leg up. Find out why!

Bucs add Kaeding, create useless competition

The Buccaneers add a kicker. I have no idea why, but click the link for some hilarious speculation.

Selvie officially signs with Buccaneers

Welcome another camp body to Tampa, guys.

Bucs sign Brian Leonard to one-year deal

The Bucs continue to add cheap depth to their roster.

Barber says defense will change in 2013

Ronde Barber hasn't returned to the Bucs yet, but he has some things to say on the defense. Most notably: it will be different in 2013. But how realistic is that, really?

Revis trade is 'inevitable'

Peter King gives his view on the inevitable Darrelle Revis trade.

Bucs expected to sign George Selvie

Another defensive lineman added to the fold.

Bucs sign DT Derek Landri to two-year deal

The Buccaneers have added another cheap free agent who should provide some depth.

Grimes signs with Dolphins

Brent Grimes is off the market. What does this mean for the Buccaneers?

Bucs have third-most cap space in NFL

The Bucs have lots of cap space this season, but that could disappear rapidly in 2014.

Bucs give Demar Dotson three-year extension

The Buccaneers are doling out extensions, and Demar Dotson's the latest player to receive one.

Bucs want Revis. Bad.

Yes, the Bucs are still after Revis. Surprised?

Ronde won't play for another team

Ronde Barber comments on his future in the NFL, if he has one.

No Grimes for the Buccaneers

Brent Grimes is out, according to two reports. Why, and what consequences does this carry?

Michael Bennett has torn rotator cuff

The defensive end played through a torn rotator cuff last season, which may have played a role in the Bucs letting him go.

Dumervil signs with Ravens

Dumervil is off the market.

Bucs want to trade Eric Wright

Will they find any trade partners?

Glazers driving the trade talks?

Are the Glazers driving the trade talks? PFT thinks so, and that means a deal is exceedingly likely to happen.

Bucs could give up first- and second-round pick

Peter King gives us many, many details on this possible Darrelle Revis trade. We have the latest news and analysis right here.

Bucs willing to pay $12-$13 million per year

The Bucs have an idea of what they want to pay, and Revis would be fine with it, according to one report.

Bucs re-sign Economos, Cutrera

Jets not in a rush to deal Revis

More smokescreens incoming!

E.J. Biggers signs with Redskins

The Bucs lose yet another free agent, this time to the Washington Redskins.

Power rankings put Bucs 21st

Can the Bucs show ESPN they're wrong, or is this 21st ranking about right?


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