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Hockey Duckie's Power Plays

The Curious Case of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Will the Bucs rely on offense or defense in the future?

Running Outside the Nick of Time

Are the Bucs on the Hunt?

How porous was the secondary with the long ball?

Analyzing the Bucs' statistical problems with the long and short ball over the season.

Seeing Red again: Red Zone efficiency Part 2

“They say freak, when you’re singled out. The red, well it filters through.” – Chevelle

Seeing Red again: Red Zone efficiency Part 1

The Bucs were pretty good at scoring touchdowns in 2012. We dive into the numbers.

Cornerback draft flashcards

A quick listing of cornerback statistics.

A breakdown in play calling: a double entendre

We have seen Freeman and his receivers not on the same page, but have we looked at how often they have had the opportunities to not be on the same page?