Several Fans Struck by Lightning After Packers-Buccaneers Game


From what I can tell, anywhere between five and nine people suffered lightning strikes after a storm rolled through the Tampa area right after today's game. At present, I have not yet heard of any deaths from this. I hope those struck by lightning in this area able to make quick recoveries!

Joe Philbin and Bill Lazor stay in Miami


Bryan Bulaga likely to play


Presumably, he passed a concussion test.

Bucs facing the worst home spread since 1993


Technically, the 2009 Bucs faced a worse spread when they played the Patriots in London. But given that it's London, I'm not counting that as a home game.

Jeff Tedford moves to the CFL


Who has the best chance of picking 1st overall?


Speculation over the first pick in the draft. Verdict: Bucs.

Vincent Jackson loves first downs


Practice squad change