Roddy White: Best hands in NFC South September, 30, 2010 Sep 308:15AM By Pat Yasinskas Which...


Roddy White: Best hands in NFC South September, 30, 2010 Sep 308:15AM By Pat Yasinskas Which wide receiver has the best hands in the NFC South? So far this season, it’s been Atlanta’s Roddy White, hands down. Of all the receivers (and we’re not including running backs or tight ends) who have been targeted a minimum of 20 times, White is the only receiver in the NFC South that’s been perfect. According to ESPN Stats & Information, White is one of 13 receivers in the league that meet the minimum target requirement to not drop a pass yet. White has been targeted a league-high 40 times and has 25 receptions. Tampa Bay’s Mike Williams and Carolina’s Steve Smith are the only other division receivers who have met the minimum of targets to appear among the 35 receivers with the best catch percentage. Williams has a 92.3 catch percentage (12 catches, one drop) to rank No. 20. Smith has 11 catches with two drops while recording an 84.6 catch percentage, which ranks No. 31. Williams has been targeted 21 times, while Smith has been targeted 20 times.

By Pat Yasinskas

Tailgating with the WTB? crew and the Partys2U party bus!


Tailgating with the WTB? crew and the Partys2U party bus!

Morris says Blount to get more carries, Benn to take some of Stroughter's snaps.


Bucs Beat at TBO bring us this article, in which Raheem Morris is quoted as saying that Cadillac will be spelled more often and Stroughter may be more suitable as a slot receiver in the third down packages. From this interview it appears Arrelious Benn will see significant time as the #2 vs. Cincinnatti after the bye.

Bucs sign Erik Lorig to 53-man roster and convert him to TE


Lorig was the Bucs last draft pick in the 2010 draft and was signed to the practice squad earlier this season. They've spent the past week moving him to TE, a position he played in college, after he was drafted as a DE.

Be prepared for more infomercials


Those of us who live in Tampa or the surrounding areas were hoping for some good news as far as blackouts. That news doesn't look like it will come. It's gonna be a rough season viewing wise. Always nice to follow up a butt kicking with this news. When it rains, it pours. We're familiar with this in the Tampa Bay area.

Your Silver Lining From Today's Game.....

30 6'0, 247 pounds and answers to the name LeGarrette Blount. He ran strong and hard and put the Steelers' physicality back on them for the brief time he was given the ball in the first half and 4th quarter. Loved the hardnosed play and energy he brought to the field and have to wonder how much time he'll usurp from Caddy (sorry, BW), as the season progresses.

Bucs Inactives: Huggins out, Lumpkin, Blount, Parker in


Other inactives: QB Rudy Carpenter, CB Myron Lewis, LB Niko Koutouvides, C Ted Larsen, DE Michael Bennett, WR Maurice Stovall Looks like Huggins and Stovall still have some injury issues.

Lumpkin activated, not Huggins


I'm not sure why huggins isn't being activated, because he had high hopes after the preseason. But lets hope Lumpkin can carry some of the load.

LeBeau didn't school his players to defend specific areas. They did cover a receiver coming into...


LeBeau didn't school his players to defend specific areas. They did cover a receiver coming into their space, but they had to know which one it was before it happened. And they needed to know what route was coming, then try to break it up. As the defender moved to the ball, he had to take what LeBeau called the "intercept angle." We want to trick them with a guy they're not figuring on coming, or somebody who shows up in a place you'd never expect him to be. That's the concept in a nutshell: You hold them by the nose, then sneak around and kick them in the tail— just like General Patton used to say." Link to ESPN.Com article

Excerpt from Jon Jaworski's book, found here at ESPN.Com Just some good insights into the defensive mind of the Steelers, Dick LeBeau. I agree with Craig. If there is a way to beat the Steelers, it's by spreading them out. Running short short but complicated routes. The offensive line is going to be confused and will give up pressure. Freeman has to look for running lanes. I read somewhere that LeBeau's philosphy is to create the "illusion" of pressure without necessarily always bringing extra guys. Williams / Graham have to be keeping their eyes open and taking the outside guy on blitz pickups. This gives Freeman options. Should be a fun chess match.

Jeff Garcia Throws Last Second Game Winning TD


Former Buc Jeff Garcia throws TD with 4 seconds left to win the game in UFL's first sellout game in Omaha. Lots of other names you might recognize like Ahman Green, Cato June and oh yeah Jagz is the head coach.Don't know how many of you have HDNet or if you bothered to watch the game, as for me any football is better than no football at all.