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Liam Coen on joining Buccaneers: 'This was a no-brainer for me'

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers introduced their new offensive coordinator, Liam Coen.

Super Bowl Champion Rams begin 2022 Season Photo by David Crane/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

For the second time in Todd Bowles’ Tampa Bay tenure, he was tasked with leading an offensive coordinator search. Last year the search landed Tampa Bay on Dave Canales, who just one year later, landed himself a shiny new head coaching job. This year, Todd Bowles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected Liam Coen.

Coen's career résumé spans time at both the NFL and collegiate level. One of the more noteworthy bullet points on that résumé is the fact that Coen has worked with Baker Mayfield in the past.

The Buccaneers made it clear amidst their search that they were picking a candidate with their quarterback in mind. Baker Mayfield had himself a career year in the red and pewter last season and it appears neither side is looking for a change up. In Coen’s introductory press conference he wasted no time referencing Tampa's Pro Bowl passer.

“This situation was a no-brainer for me… The opportunity to work with Baker, you know, to get back with him.”

Coen also went on to praise Mayfield’s demeanor, from his stint with the Rams.

“He’s an igniter and that’s the type of guy that you want to be around… He came into [The Rams] at a really difficult time, a time that we weren’t really having a lot of fun and he made football fun.”

Coen made note of Mayfield’s highly competitive nature in practice as well as his moxy and communication skills.

Anyone following along throughout Tampa Bay’s hiring process could’ve picked up on the fact that Baker Mayfield is likely to be returning for another year (at least) in Tampa Bay. Listening to Liam Coen speak only reaffirms that notion. The Buccaneers hired an offensive coordinator who is highly comfortable and excited about working with Mayfield. Some Buccaneers’ fans have been split on the decision to bring back the former Heisman winner, but everything the Buccaneers have done since the end of the season has pointed to a Baker Mayfield return in 2024.


How are you feeling about this new OC?

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    Nailed it again! Well done!
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  • 59%
    I think I like where this is going. Another year of Baker with a play caller who knows him could work out nicely.
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  • 13%
    I don't know. Did they hire Coen just because of Baker? Was he really the best man for the job?
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