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Simms: Baker Mayfield is a 'Big time' quarterback

Baker Mayfield has earned some high praise.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback Baker Mayfield has come a long way. He's come a long way in his NFL journey, but a long way just this year alone. When the Bucs signed Mayfield, he was viewed as 'bridge' quarterback who, best case scenario, would beat out Kyle Trask and set the Buccaneers up with a high draft pick to select his replacement.

It has been nearly a year since Mayfield joined the team and the narrative around his career has been completely rewritten. Not only was the former number one overall pick able to put up a career best season as an individual, but he led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to shocking team success.

Mayfield posted just under a 3:1 touchdown to interception ratio in the regular season, which was foreshadowing for his postseason performance. In two playoff games, Mayfield tossed six touchdowns, just two interceptions, and 686 yards.

Those who are not fans of— or affiliated with— the team may not watch a lot of Tampa Bay Buccaneers' football throughout the season, however high-level play from a quarterback in the postseason gets noticed and even though the Buccaneers lost, Mayfield is getting his flowers.

Recently, while discussing Baker Mayfield, Chris Simms referred to Tampa's passer as a "big time starting quarterback in the NFL." He continued on in his praise of Mayfield saying, "His arm is big time, he makes game-changing throws." Simms' remarks represent a major turn in the national narrative around Mayfield.

Following his season, Mayfield is likely to receive a massive payday and a long term commitment from an NFL franchise. Not bad for 'bridge' quarterback.


Should the Buccaneers invest in Baker Mayfield?

  • 48%
    YES! I LOVE THIS GUY! Played great this season and brought his A-game in the playoffs!
    (177 votes)
  • 45%
    Yes, they really should. Baker genuinely surprised me this year. A few key resignings, add a couple more pieces and the Bucs can make some noise next year.
    (166 votes)
  • 5%
    No. He's okay, not great. I don't know what Chris Simms is talking about! BAKER'S NOT THE GUY!
    (20 votes)
363 votes total Vote Now

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