The Most Memorable Superbowls in US History

Depending on which team you support, there will be memorable Superbowls and play-off matches that mean a lot to you personally. However, there will be some games that are unforgettable to those who are not fans of the teams involved for many reasons.

What makes a Superbowl memorable?

With 57 games to choose from, there are plenty of different factors to take into account. This might be an amazing comeback or a Superbowl that is the crowning glory for a team that has been superior all season. It might also be the things that make any football game a classic, with matchups anticipated from the day the NFL schedule is released. These all add up to an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to be there in person, and especially those watching at home.

As well as what goes on in the match, there is also the extra attraction like the half-time show. These have notoriously been a bit hit-and-miss, making the Superbowl memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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Superbowl XLII - New York Giants vs New England Patriots

The run-up to the 2008 final could not have been more different for the two teams. The Patriots were coming into the game on the back of a perfect season, and the Giants a more modest 10-6.

Taking this into account, it was no surprise to see the Patriots ahead 14-10 with just two and a half minutes left on the clock. The Giant's last throw of the dice started deep in their own territory and reached the 44-yard line before the defining moment of the match. MVP Eli Manning threw a pass which David Tyree gained partial control of despite being covered by Rodney Harrison, and fell to the ground with the ball held to his helmet for the match-winning touchdown, making the score 17-14.

Superbowl LI - New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

There are some legendary comebacks in Superbowl history, but none more spectacular than the Tom Brady-led fightback in the 2017 final.

Both sides had a good regular season, but the Falcons started the game much better, leading 21-3 at half-time and then 28-3 in the third quarter. With very little time remaining, Brady had got the Patriots to with 8 points, a final touchdown, and an unusual two-point conversion with less than a minute to go, taking the game into overtime. With momentum in the Patriot's favor, it was then no surprise when James White ran in the winning touchdown to seal the game 34-28.

Superbowl XIII - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys

It's not just the more recent games that have been classics, as this clash from 1979 proves. The scene was already set for this game to go down in history, as it was the first time that teams had met again in the final, with this being a repeat of Superbowl X.

Even though the Cowboys were reigning champions, this high-scoring game saw them behind 21-14 at half-time. It was the third quarter that held the moment that lives long in the memories of Cowboys fans for all the wrong reasons. A dropped pass by tight end Jackie Smith in the end zone meant the game, instead of being a tie and going into overtime, made the Steelers winners by 35-31.

Superbowl XLIX - New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

Moving back to more modern times, we have this classic encounter from 2015 that is lauded as being one of the best ever as it set champions Seattle against Tom Brady in his sixth appearance in the final with coach Bill Belichick.

In the run-up to the final, no neutral observer could call who was likely to be the favorite, and the contest proved to be evenly matched until half-time when both sides sat on 14 points apiece. The game swayed one way then the other, with Seattle taking the lead and the Patriots scoring two touchdowns to make the score 28-24.

Then, with Seattle sitting on the Patriot's one-yard line, they somewhat bizarrely opted to pass, which was then intercepted, meaning the game ended 28-24 with the Patriots collecting the trophy.

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