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Buccaneers unveil throwback uniforms

The creamsicle jerseys are back in Tampa Bay

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

All that’s old is new again. Finally, after much anticipation and begging from the fans, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have unveiled the throwback creamsicle uniforms for the 2023 season when they will wear the old orange and white against former NFC Central rivals the Detroit Lions on October 15.

The social media team for the Bucs knocked it out of the park with their video combining all the eras of the franchise together;

While many who were around during the creamsicle days wince when they see the uniforms that bring back memories of bad football teams and winless seasons, the tribute to the history of the team is embraced by nearly all. The nostalgia of throwback games is near and dear to many people’s hearts and Bucs fans are no different.

The Bucs were finally able to bring back their classic look after the NFL abolished their (awful) one helmet rule, allowing the team to rock their white helmets with the classic Bucco Bruce on the sides.

The team issued a press release with COO Brian Ford saying;

“Our fans have waited a decade to see our players back in these classic Creamsicle jerseys, and we are excited to celebrate our rich legacy when we debut these one-of-a-kind uniforms on Oct. 15th against the Detroit Lions. As we begin this new era of Buccaneers football, we aim to honor those who have played a vital role in our Club’s journey while also appealing to a new generation of fans who will drive our future success.”

Throwback merchandise is now available for sale online and at the Buccaneers Team Store at Raymond James Stadium.

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