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Buccaneers don’t know when Devin White will report to the team

The team’s stud linebacker is seeking a new contract.

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Buccaneers are deep into the NFL offseason. Like other teams, they and their respective players have already begun work to some degree for the 2023 season. But Tampa Bay has been moving along thus far without a key component to their defense.

Linebacker Devin White.

White went public and let it be known he requested a trade has he enters a fifth year with the Bucs — a year his contract option was picked up by the organization. However, White prefers to have a new deal rather than play without a guaranteed future. Hence his frustration.

On the other side, Tampa Bay has gone on record since to say they aren’t looking to deal their star linebacker. Because of this White has yet to report to the team, and linebackers coach Larry Foote does not know when that will be.

“I haven’t really talked to him about that,” Foote said when he was asked about when White may report. “We were just talking more about getting in shape, stuff we need to work on, and offseason tape and breakdown, and stuff we’re looking for him to do. But we have not talked about when he’s going to show up. Right now, he’s fighting for a contract – champagne problems.”

Champagne problems indeed.

When he does the buccaneers will undoubtedly welcome him into the facility with open arms. Until then, Foote plans on sending him some material in the meantime.

“Absolutely,” said Foote when he was asked about sending White clips while he’s away from the time. “If that’s the decision he makes, I will be doing all that I can do to make sure he stays in tune with what we’re doing.”

Tampa Bay begins OTAs May 23. It doesn’t appear like WHite has any intentions of joining before then. But crazier things have happened.