Positional Opportunity — Long Snapper Variety

One sure sign of the downfall of our whole civilization is how pro football teams now sport long snappers. What — modern centers can’t hike? Next, are we going to get shotgun snapper specialists? Is football going the way of the designated hitter?

On a more serious note, LS smells like opportunity The rules limit contact so Vita Vea doesn’t get a running start at beheading the snapper. Centers can do the job, but guards, linemen in general, even linebackers and tight ends can do the job. So it seems like a way to sneak a regular contributor — say, an extra linebacker or TE — through position cuts and onto the active roster.

So, since this isn’t rocket science, why doesn’t someone fighting for a spot take up LSnapping? Why doesn’t a coach pull some bubble player with promise aside and tell them this way to increase their value to the team? Or is there some principle or rule that buries this option?

What say y’all?

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