Witty's Day Two of 2023 Observations for the Draft

1) I'm still not calmed down from the twist last night about NOT drafting a clear need for Offensive Tackle (WE GOT ONLY TWO GUYS AT THAT ROSTER SPOT OFFICIALLY) and while I understand the need to upgrade the pass rush with the DL - finding a replacement for Suh in the likes of DT Calijah Kancey - I felt that was something the later rounds could have fixed as DT is a relatively deep spot this draft (or even getting an outside pass rush in Nolan Smith that most fans preferred).

2) As a result, I'm viewing OT with more urgency this coming Second Round, as getting anybody with starter value at a key roster spot like that gets harder by the Third. There's still a number of viable names at OT still on the boards, such as:

  1. Cody Mauch North Dakota St
  2. Matthew Bergeron Syracuse
  3. Blake Freeland BYU
  4. Dawand Jones Ohio St
  5. Jaelyn Duncan Maryland

The way this draft is going, the Bucs may see Bergeron or Jones slide down to the 50th pick - Mauch was a borderline late-First caliber pick and should go early - and it would improve my mood greatly if the Bucs make that selection.

3) HOWEVER. Licht has made it clear he's not drafting by how us the fans are viewing needs, so ANYTHING is now a goddamned possibility - even QB, gods help us - for Day Two picks in the Second and Third rounds.

3a) Bucs still need to address Safety, and while that's a spot that hasn't been raided yet this First Round, there's always a risk a run on players at that roster spot kicks in.

3b) Getting Kancey may improve the front-line pass rush, but the outside pass rush is still a question mark with Barrett's injury return and JTS's inconsistency. A lot of teams went defensive upgrades this First Round, doubling up on DE/DL and LB spots, and it shouldn't shock us if Head Coach Bowles wants MORE talent to fill his defensive schemes.

3c) Tight Ends slipped down in value out of the First Round, and the Second Round could see a serious run on that roster spot as well, something the Bucs may jump at if players they like for TE start flying off the shelf.

4) So what SHOULD we see in the Second and Third Rounds?

These are the players we may get during this evening's picks:

  • Derick Hall Edge Auburn
  • Sam LaPorta TE Iowa
  • Keion White Edge Georgia Tech
  • Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse
  • JL Skinner Safety Boise St
  • Luke Musgrave TE Oregon St
  • Isaiah Foskey Edge Notre Dame
  • Jartavius Martin Safety Illinois
  • Blake Freeland OT BYU
  • Antonio Johnson Safety Texas A&M

5) And don't be surprised for potential what-the-hell picks for CB, RB, or WR.


Personally, I would enjoy seeing this as our next two picks:

50th pick - Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse

82nd pick - Antonio Johnson Safety Texas A&M

Please grant us this, Football Gods

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