Witty's Insane All-Big-10 Bucs Mock Draft for 2023, DOOM ME

Need to throw out a few more of these wacky, who-cares mock drafts just to keep the readership up, right kiddos?

The terms of this arrangement are simple:

I pick a conference from which the Bucs can only draft for 2023.

The player has to be at the top-most point of the available draft board at the spot the Bucs draft.

In order to prevent myself from drafting two of the same roster spots in a row - don't want to end up with an entire roster of RB - I will keep it to first-picked, and then if I run into this conflict on the draft board I scroll down the board to the next available player from that conference. I will not limit it to just one per school, as some programs are squeezing out more talent than the others.

I will try to draft for depth, but if I have to pick a position that's not a need - like QB or RB or WR - I still have to draft that position.

This time around, it's the Big-10, and for the mock draft generator I'm going once more with the ProFootballNetwork's simulator. Enjoy.

19. Peter Skoronski OT Northwestern

This beautifully fits a need for OT, and Skoronski was right there at the top of the board. Odds are in the real draft he won't slip to here, but you never know how teams trading up will drop players down.

50. Mazi Smith DT Michigan

Defensive Line is reportedly a need, and Smith here was - again - at the top of the board for picking. Taking care of the front lines is ALWAYS a smart move in the NFL.

82. Joe Tippmann OC Wisconsin

Tippmann was five spots down on the list, but he fits a depth/long-term need for a quality Center to fill for Jensen as he ages out or copes with injury. This frees up Hainsey to move back to Guard.

153. Luke Schoonmaker TE Michigan

There were some Big-10 players available ahead of Schoonmaker but they were both DT (already filled). Schoonmaker is a starter-caliber TE who slips this far on most boards and could prove to be a diamond-in-the-rough steal.

175. Ronnie Bell WR Michigan

Bell was about 12 spots down the list, where at least one TE and one OC were ahead of him, so I had to skip. Receiver isn't a need for starter, but our depth is taking a hit in Free Agency and it wouldn't hurt us to get him for special teams at least.

179. Cameron Mitchell CB Northwestern

Biggest regret so far in this draft is the lack of Safety help the Bucs sorely need, but Mitchell was second-down on the available draft board, and corner depth is always a consideration due to the many injuries our roster spot gets.

181. Noah Ruggles K Ohio State

Don't laugh, the mock draft generator has Ruggles this high on the board, and he was five spots down from the top spot. Does fill a need this off-season.

196. Aidan O'Connell QB Purdue

I'm not in the mood to draft a QB even for backup consideration, since I'd like to see Trask get an opportunity to prove himself. But O'Connell was third-down from the top at this point, and the guy ahead of him was a TE (already filled), so...

252. Evan Hull RB Northwestern

Don't really need a RB but Hull was sixth down on the list from this point. Hull could compete for special teams returner, one hopes.


So there we have it. NO Safeties taken but a lot of other needs - OT, DL, OL, and TE - giving us some starter-level guys. We're drafting THREE Northwesterns, Three Michigans, One Purdue, One Ohio St. and one Wisconsin. Bit disappointed we didn't get a Minnesota Gopher, alas.


P.S. Do NOT ask me to run a Conference-USA only mock draft. I don't think they even have enough guys qualified for the boards anymore.

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