Witty's Tuned Out Of the 2023 Off-Season Hijinks

Yeah, I've been on radio silence since the disappointment of the playoffs, and I haven't really been on much to comment on every news report / update going on with the build-up (or breaking-down) of the Free Agency period about to hit us.

I've been messing around on various mock draft boards, such as PFF and Pro Football Network and Fanspeak (First-Pick seems to have disappeared), but I'm not seeing any consistent draft board to where the incoming rookies are all ranked at the same draft value, so I have no idea which players we need to be fantasizing about yet.

All I can say is that given the roster we have now - the retirement of Brady, the reality that Gronk never came back, the loss of Ali Marpet hurting our O-Line - is that our offense needs serious attention. With reports that we're cutting OT Donovan Smith and TE Cameron Brate for cap reasons, it's clear the Bucs have to do something about QB, OT and OG, as well as TE (Cade Otton and Ko Kieft (surprising to me) played well but we have depth issues now).

Being the worst over the cap (at $55 million, to where cutting Smith and Brate won't reduce it much) means we're not going to be major players in the FA market, meaning we may not get a decent veteran QB to come in to back the untested Trask. There's every likelihood we are losing veteran talent at Cornerback and Safety (three of them - SMB, Dean, and Edwards are unsigned now, right?) as well as our Defensive Line (Gholston and Hicks, I believe) and that we may not be able to fill those roster needs other than drafting for them.

So there's a lot on the plate, folks.

I may start post mock drafts soon, as soon as I can tell which one has the more respectable draft pool to abuse.

Until then... WHY GOD, WHY.

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