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Georgia running back Kenny McIntosh a ‘three-down back’

The two time National Champion sees himself as a do-it-all player at the next level

University of Georgia vs Texas Christian University, 2022 CFP National Championship Set Number: X164274 TK1

Kenny McIntosh might be one of the most fun players coming out in the upcoming draft. With a general happiness for what he’s doing combined with the confidence in his abilities as well as his welcoming demeanor, McIntosh immediately commands the attention of all those around him - and they gravitate towards him as a result.

McIntosh finished his career with the Georgia Bulldogs as a two-time National Champion with 1,582 rushing yards, 505 receiving yards, and 20 total touchdowns. He had more carries in his senior season than he did in his first three years combined - and that’s what makes him special.

McIntosh told the media on Saturday that he knew what he was getting into when he joined Georgia and that his time would eventually come. There was no interest in the transfer portal for a different opportunity sooner - that the reps he had to put in to become the guy for the Bulldogs would only make him better. The culture, the expectations of Georgia were there for a reason.

It’s easy to look back and say that McIntosh was right in retrospect, but for a young college athlete to show that level of patience also shows an enormous amount of maturity. The biggest question is how will that translate to the NFL?

A growing sentiment among the running backs in Indianapolis is stressing the importance of pass blocking. It’s a necessity in today’s game and many understand it’s an area of weakness for them given how many play in an offense that doesn’t ask that of their backs on a regular basis. For McIntosh, it’s an area of strength that he takes great pride in.

“I’m not afraid to get my nose in there,” McIntosh told the media. “If you don’t pass block at Gerogia, you don’t play. So I’m not scared to lay a hit on a linebacker.”

That’s one of the big reasons McIntosh sees himself as a three down back at the next level. While his skills may need some improvement or refining, he’s already been doing what NFL teams will ask of him - and doing them a lot - to work his way up the depth chart with the Bulldogs.

He can run, catch, and pick up blitzes without any hesitation or qualms about his ability to do so - and it’s something he’s excited to put on display for any team that gives him that chance.

McIntosh is also one of the players here that already has a relative in the league and he said his brother, R.J., helped prepare him for the interview process and what kind of questions NFL teams were going to throw his way. R.J. is a defensive end, most recently with the Miami Dolphins’ practice squad and when Kenny was asked what a collision on the field between the two would be like?

“I told him that isn’t going to go well for him,” was all Kenny could say with a smile.

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