Witty's Insane All-SEC Bucs 2023 Mock Draft That Might Actually Work Out For Once

Okay, you know the rules.

I go mad with the mock draft generators for awhile, posting crazy-themed Mocks for the Bucs to deploy just in case things actually make sense.

Well, this year on Fanspeak's site, it might actually make sense!!!

I draft by these guidelines as well:

1) Draft By Best Available for Highest Needs. In this draft cycle, right now that means OT, OL overall, Edge, CB, S, maybe TE and WR. Linebacker and RB depth wouldn't hurt.

2) When in doubt: Draft Offensive Line. When in doubt and OL is solid, Draft Defensive Line.


When drafting by All-Conference, as usual the SEC goes early because dammit those are often the best schools, my rules also include just drafting by position once. I will draft best available player by one of the 12 SEC schools (hint, a lot of Georgia and Alabama lately). If I then come across another SEC player but in a position I filled already, I move to the next available SEC player for a spot not yet filled. It keeps me from drafting three straight Running Backs.

Having said all that, here's the mock I just ran:

19: R1 P19 EDGE Nolan Smith - Georgia

This is a name that pops up early in several other mock generators - especially PFF - so this augurs well for Tampa. There was another Edge guy ahead of him but he was Nebraska (Van Ness), so didn't fit the SEC rule.

50: R2 P19 RB Jahmyr Gibbs - Alabama

Running back not a high need but there is a gap there that a decent starter caliber like Gibbs could take as RB1. He was also right at the top of the board, I am not joking

82: R3 P19 S Jordan Battle - Alabama

Safety is a huge need - we have only guy right now officially on roster! - so getting him a huge fit. Battle was ALSO at the top of the board, no lie.

153: R5 P18 LB Ventrell Miller - Florida

Miller was about 9 picks down on the list, there were no other SEC players in that order, so getting him not a problem. He will fit depth concerns at the LB spot.

175: R5 P40 CB Jaylon Jones - Texas A&M

There were a scary number of Edge defensive players from the SEC on the boards ahead of Jones, but I already filled that need so it was about 11 picks down where I got this guy. Takes care of CB depth.

181: R6 P4 WR Jadon Haselwood - Arkansas

Almost the entire list of players on the board at this point were SEC players, but mostly Edge, LB, and RB, so... I had to scroll down 18 spots to reach Haselwood. No idea if he'll actually fit in as a developmental or special teams player.

196: R6 P19 C Ricky Stromberg - Arkansas

There were still a number of SEC players from when I picked Haselwood still on the board, so I had to scroll down again - this time, 15 spots - before getting ANYBODY for our OL needs. Sigh.

230: R7 P13 G Richard Gouraige - Florida

At this point I despaired us getting any Tackle need filled out, so reaching 12 spots to Gouraige hurts a bit but he takes care of OL depth.

252: R7 P35 QB Stetson Bennett - Georgia

I'm a little surprised that a National Champion-leading Quarterback slips all the way down to the Seventh Round (!!!) but I'm seeing the reports that at 5'10" he doesn't fit the QB model of 6'2" that NFL coaches desire in their dream date QBs. It's like Doug Flutie never impressed them. /rage

So there you have it. A healthy mix of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and a surprising amount of Arkansas players along with one sole TAMU guy. Bit disappointed there were no Auburn or Vanderbilt players available this draft, alas.

In terms of need, a lot of key positions get taken care of: several of them - Edge, RB, Safety - may even see serious upgrade at those spots. No OT taken, which hurts, but OL depth overall taken care of.

If there were a Poll at the end of this, I'd suggest you poll how insane this mock draft is. But alas, YOU NEED TO LEAVE COMMENTS INSTEAD. CONDEMN ME, FOOLISH MORTALS. I wanna see 20 comments by Sunday, dammit.

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