Who Replaces Tom Brady as QB?

It is a bridge that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have thought they may have had to cross last year following Tom Brady’s premature retirement announcement, however it is one they will need to cross this offseason.

Indeed, it is hardly a shock to the organization as it was only a matter of when TB12 would confirm his retirement, therefore it would not be a surprise if the back office were already looking at who could potentially end up replacing him.

While many around Tampa may be happy to see QB Kyle Trask take up the position as starter, there is no denying that he is still in the developmental stage of his NFL career. He was selected as a second-round pick and it could be difficult to argue he is ready for the position. Additionally, with Blaine Gabbert currently unassigned, it would suggest the Bucs will need to look for a new quarterback to fill the mammoth hole left by Brady.

However, who could Tampa look to try and acquire in the offseason and start the upcoming campaign with? Naturally, we will not see any movement until way after Super Bowl 2023, but with the event becoming a highly popular one for betting fans, it would not be a surprise if many use their experiences here to place wagers on who could become the new starter in Florida. You should read more in order to ensure you have everything you need to know to place your bets on Super Bowl 2023 and the NFL, as the guide can be extremely helpful in enhancing the overall experiences enjoyed.

Let’s explore a couple of the names that the Buccaneers could potentially decide to take a look at closely, according to an article by News Week

Jimmy Garoppolo (free agency)

Garoppolo is among the top contenders to take Brady's place following a difficult injury-filled season with the San Francisco 49ers. With Brock Purdy and Trey Lance, both currently injured, taking up spots on the roster as well, Garoppolo might opt for a starting role instead of going head-to-head in an intense three-way battle.

Baker Mayfield (free agency)

Following a disastrous season with the Los Angeles Rams, former Heisman Trophy winner Mayfield could potentially be seeking to start anew. Fortunately for him, this could be made possible by his familiarity with the University of Georgia Coach Todd Monken who is reportedly set on becoming the offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With their prior connection during their time together at the Cleveland Browns, it might just be enough for them to come together once again.

Daniel Jones (free agency)

The Buccaneers may have found the perfect QB in Jones, who is only 25 but has already experienced a stellar season. He might be ready to assume the position of a franchise quarterback and lead his team to greater heights like never before! However, with potential spots open at other teams such as the Texans, Colts, Raiders Saints, and Jets, he has multiple choices if he wants an additional challenge, which could make it difficult for the Bucs to try and land him if the Giants pass up on keeping him around.

Derek Carr (trade)

After the Raiders decided to bench Carr for the final two games of their regular season, it's clear that trading him is a genuine option. While both parties are open to this transaction taking place, whether or not Tampa Bay will surrender valuable draft compensation and welcome Carr into town remains unknown.


Replacing Tom Brady is always going to be very difficult - just ask the New England Patriots - however it is something that the Bucs will need to do. Whether they decide to go for one of the aforementioned quarterbacks or go on a completely different path remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: movement this offseason is guaranteed.

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