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What’s next for former Buccaneers OC Byron Leftwich?

The Buccaneers decided that it was time to move on from OC Byron Leftwich after a very disappointing season in 2022.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

As reported by FanNation, Byron Leftwich has met with the Baltimore Ravens and John Harbaugh about their vacant offensive coordinator position. Byron Leftwich has been a controversial name in Tampa Bay over the last few seasons, causing many fans and observers alike to be pleased with the news of his departure. The fact is, the concept of Leftwich teaming up with Lamar Jackson is such an interesting fit, it feels bizarre that the Ravens would consider it.

Lamar Jackson is, of course, not one hundred percent guaranteed to be back in a Ravens uniform next season, but most believe that he will likely return in some capacity. Whether it be on the franchise tag or via the two sides coming together on a long-term extension, Jackson is expected back in the black and purple for 2023. This would put Byron Leftwich, should he get the job, in a great position to coach another topflight quarterback.

Baltimore’s decision to bring in Leftwich would be a little head scratching though. The fit, or lack of fit, that the two sides would seem to have with one another is like oil and water. Byron Leftwich spent his time in Tampa coaching mainly Jameis Winston, Tom Brady and Blaine Gabbert, none of which have anywhere near the style of skillset that comes with a player like Lamar Jackson. Leftwich’s short time spent with the Arizona Cardinals, before journeying to Florida, also did not afford him the opportunity to work with a quarterback stylistically similar to Jackson.

His resume is pretty bare when it comes to mobile or running quarterbacks and ironically, one of the biggest talking points surrounding Byron Leftwich critiques over the past few seasons has been running the football. Whether the criticism is rooted in running plays being too basic or predictable, or in an outing like week nine of the 2020 season. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were wiped off the field by the New Orleans Saints in a 38-3 beatdown and Byron Leftwich’s offense put up just three points while Tampa set the all-time NFL record for least rushing attempts in a single game. The RECORD for the LEAST rush attempts ever recorded in an NFL football game and Tampa Bay even executed a kneel down at the end of the game to bump their stats up a tick.

This combined with the nature in which his time ended with the Bucs makes Leftwich a bizarre candidate for the Baltimore Ravens to consider. Unless they are planning an entire organizational rebuild in terms of the type of offense they play and represent, the move does not seem to be in sync with what they have been.

Every candidate is saddled with some shortcomings, no fit is perfect, but the Ravens have spent the better part of Lamar Jackson’s career running through, around, and over people, using the designs and concepts of creative run schemes. If that is a style of play and strategy, they would like to implement more of moving forward then Byron Leftwich represents a very odd candidate for the job.