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Report: Bucs “Expected To” Release Donovan Smith

With some salary cap issues on the way, one main stay may be on his way out

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

As it has been well documented so far this offseason, the Buccaneers are in a salary cap bind and currently have the least amount of cap space in the NFL with a projected 56 million dollars over the cap.

With that, the Bucs will need to make some tough decisions to get cap compliant and it appears they have decided on one player’s fate.

Per Pewter Report, the Bucs are expected to release left tackle Donovan Smith.

Smith, 29 has been the Bucs starting left tackle since he entered the league as the team’s second round pick 34th overall in 2015.

Releasing Smith would save the team 9.95 million dollars in cap space. Now, if the Bucs release Smith like they are expecting to, they would have to replace him and Pewter Report notes that the team is considering moving Tristan Wirfs to left tackle.

We will see if/when the Bucs decide to make the move, but it appears that Smith’s time in Tampa Bay could be up in the coming weeks.