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SB Nation Reacts: Vast majority of NFL fans want Tom Brady to retire

Are fans growing tired of the future Hall of Famer?

John A. Babiak/Bucs Nation

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While there are a good chunk of Bucs fans that one Tom Brady to keep playing — specifically return to Tampa Bay — not everyone wants the future Hall of Famer to keep playing. In fact, a huge majority want him to finish hanging it up already.

In a national poll conducted by SB Nation, NFL fans were asked if Brady should retire.

A whopping 81-percent said yes.

Despite the accolades and all the successes throughout his career, Brady wasn’t as successful in 2023. Regardless of his passing yards last season, partly due to the fact of the amount of passes thrown, the 45-year-old signal caller had his highest amount of off-target passes ever charted in his career.

Multiple drives throughout the season stalled because of poor throws (of course not all stalled drives were his fault, hence multiple). His interception count would have been much higher if defenders for Carolina, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh for example brought their hands together when the ball was thrown directly at them. And let us not forget three throws (at least) that could have gone for first downs (two to Russel Gage thrown behind him and one overthrown to Mike Evans) or the way-off throw in the end zone all in the Monday night loss to Dallas.

Hey, maybe he was intentionally throwing the game or season to get offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich fired?

Kidding. Let us not digress too much here.

Perhaps Father Time has caught up to Brady to some degree. We may not know for now if he returns to football, much less back to the Buccaneers. However, one thing is certain and that is fans would rather see him step aside and let others get their shots.

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