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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Here is a thread of all the undrafted rookies the Buccaneers are bringing in

South Florida v Houston Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Buccaneers did some wheelin’ and dealin’ in the 2022 NFL Draft and came away with a solid crop of players to add to an already championship contending roster.

After trading out of the first round and picking up two additional picks from the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Buccaneers selected University of Houston defensive tackle Logan Hall. The also traded up in the third, then gave up a future fourth-round pick to move into the fifth and gain an additional seventh - again, with the Jaguars. Finally, packaging two of those sevenths to move into the back of the sixth.

Here is how the Bucs’ draft class ended up;

Round Two: Logan Hall - DT, Houston; Luke Goedeke - OG, Central Michigan

Round Three: Rachaad Evans - RB, Arizona State

Round Four: Cade Otton - TE, Washington; Jake Camarda - P, Georgia

Round Five: Zyon McCollum - CB, Sam Houston

Round Six: Ko Kieft - TE, Minnesota

Round Seven: Andre Anthony - EDGE, LSU

Now the Buccaneers will try to find some undrafted gems that can contribute at least on Special Teams or potentially be a diamond in the rough like Cam Brate and become a bigger part of the team than expected.

Below are reports of UDFA signings by the Buccaneers.