Quick Observations Of the Bucs 2022 Day Two Draft Picks

Well, that wasn't too long a wait, was it?

1) The Bucs arguably had a solid Day Two draft, as Friday night opened with Tampa Bay selecting talent to fill needs at both Defensive Line and Offensive Line. Not exactly the most glamourous of positions, but key elements of any winning team.

2) Getting DT/DE Logan Hall from Houston to start the Second Round was considered a good pick. Hall is someone who scouted well enough to be thought of as a dark horse late First Rounder, so this isn't a reach. His prime value is at pass rush, he can shake off blocks with good hands and get at QBs with speed. His body mass is apparently the big knock - he's too lightweight to be a pure DT like Vita Vea - but he's just the right size to play DE in a 3-4 system. He's like William Gholston but faster, which should work well for us.

2a) The next pick in the Second went to OL with Guard Luke Goedeke from Central Michigan. Scouting has him in the Top Five among Guards, so again not a reach. One of the better pass protectors among linemen, originally played Tackle but has some experience in the interior. His arm length isn't that great, which apparently pushes him from the outside spot (OT) to the inside (OG). Can double as a Center (something our team keeps looking for in Guards). Is coming off some injury concerns but should be ready to play. Best player comparison is Ryan Jensen (Luke "plays with violence" according to the scouts). Could win a starting spot at Left Guard.

2b) The thing that got the most flack was the Third Round pick. Having taken care of DL and OL needs, Bucs still have needs at TE, CB/S, and RB, and with a ton of Tight Ends still available on the boards, the Bucs took... RB Rashaad White out of Arizona St. Apparently the social media fanbase exploded in an uproar, especially as White looks to be a reach (scouting had him as a Fourth Rounder at best) while "better" backs like Brian Robinson and fan-fave Dameon Pierce were still available.

Here's the thing: White is a fast, fluid RB. He'll need an OL and TEs ahead of him to clear the lanes but once he's got one he can fly. White's best value is as a receiver: He's arguably the best one of the whole draft to make catches from the backfield and on short screen routes. Not even the top picks like Breece Hall or Kenneth Walker are as good in passing situations as White. In a system where the QB - Tom FREAKING Brady - loves to check-down his targets and dump off to the RB if nothing else is open, having someone like White is a good thing. He may not be a power-back type, but he can fill a role in this system no problem.

I will argue that the Bucs could have safely traded DOWN to get White because it didn't look like most other teams were going to reach that low for him. White could well have been at the start of the Fourth Round - where the Bucs picked up that spot thanks to the Jags trade earlier - and Tampa Bay could have easily drafted a much-needed TE here instead.

2c) I won't fully grade these things until Sunday once the draft is finished, but I would argue that this was a sensible, well-played early rounds of the draft. We got good role player guys, with Hall and Goedeke good enough to earn starting jobs early in the coming season. This wasn't a flashy draft, but then again we don't need flashy this year, we need solid reliable players to back up the stars we got now.

3) What should we expect for the final Day Three for the Bucs?

3a) Unless Tampa Bay trades down with either of the two Fourth Rounders we've got to snag another pick or two, this is going to be a long day of waiting. Lacking any picks in the Fifth and Sixth (we traded the Sixth we got from the Jags to move up a few spots to secure Goedeke) we're likely going to miss out on some good talent for backup roles across the roster.

3b) Bucs still in my mind need to draft for depth help at Tight End and Defensive Back (either Corner or Safety). While Gronk is likely to return (he's apparently waiting to re-sign at the point he can avoid mandatory early camp workouts), we lack depth behind him and Brate. Decent TEs are still on the board, like Cade Otten, Charlie Kolar, Isiah Likely, Jake Ferguson, and John FitzPatrick.

3c) I'd argue getting CB over Safety as a defensive backfield need, although the others in chat are arguing our Safety situation is not good long-term (the FAs we signed like Ryan and Neal are both one-year deals). If we do go with Safety in the Fourth, Juanyeh Thomas and Verone McKinley might be solid picks. But look for CBs like Coby Bryant, Josh Jobe, or Tariq Woolen.

4) With the Seventh Round picks we DO have, well. Historically speaking few of our Sevenths turn out as long-term players for us, alas. Best we can hope for at those positions are players who can fit Special Teams roles, so expect a WR as kick returner and maybe a LB for tackling stuff.

5) I won't be on this afternoon to watch: I am attending the wedding of my best friend's (from high school) daughter. I won't even have my smartphone on, so don't even bother tweeting me.


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