Witty's "What the Hell We Draft NOW?" Observations for Day Two of the 2022 Bucs Draft

1) Well, that was... whelming.

To be fair, the Buccaneers had few options at that late a draft pick to get a bona fide starter caliber talent in this particular draft. Most of the guys the Bucs fans had targeted - Kenyon Green, Zion Johnson, Kaiir Elam, Jordan Davis, Jermaine Johnson - were gone by the 27th pick. A couple of the ones the Bucs still hoped for - Devonte Wyatt, Lewis Cine - were there but apparently they were "not the guy" that Licht was looking for.

1a) I had argued in some of my mocks that the lack of late-round picks this year was going to hurt our ability to cover needs at a lot of positions, and that trading down to get one or two extra picks was a smart move. Well, I got my wish, except I was hoping it was a Second Rounder that would get traded down. I had hoped we'd get a good player in the First to establish a tone for this draft, get a minor victory, rah rah rah. Trading out of the First altogether seems like admitting defeat.

1b) Granted, the Bucs had traded away First Rounders before. But they were often for veteran players we needed - or didn't (mutter grumble Chandler was a waste rage rage rage) - and we had gotten tangible value out of those moves (except for trading away for Booker Reese and the THROWIN SAMOAN, GODS did THOSE moves wipe out the 1980s for us).

This is the first time we had a First Rounder traded away in real time during the draft as a move downward as our front office had no one worth that high a pick (if I am wrong, please remind me).

1c) The only good news about this move is that it puts the Bucs in the sweet spot of starting off the Second Round at the 33rd pick. Rumor is a number of teams - after regrouping to see what the board is like after Day One - would love to trade up to get either a defensive guy like Nakobe Dean or one of the QBs who slid out of the First Round. Question is, will the Bucs trade down further to a spot where they can STILL draft SOMEBODY who will fit a need at DL, OL, and/or Defensive Back?

2) Is there any other person more pissed off than Aaron "Who Am I Gonna Throw To?" Rodgers this morning?

3) To be honest, the Lions and Jets had solid, smart drafts. Detroit in particular looked to get scary good.

4) The madness of the draft is how the league invites all these marquee guys - a lot of QBs - to be there on Draft Night only for teams to pass on them. Leaving these poor kids hanging in the backroom like wallflowers at the Homecoming Dance.

4a) We ALMOST got a draft where NO Quarterback was taken. Finally, Pittsburgh went for local hero Pickett, who lucks into one of the few organizations that is patient enough with their players to where he can develop into a starter caliber talent.

4b) Every other rookie QB should sue for emotional damages.

5) Okay, so if the Bucs DO use that 33rd draft pick, who in GOD'S name is that going to be? Here's the Top 10 (non-QB) guys to consider

5a) David Ojabo, Defensive End, Michigan

5b) Nakobe Dean, LB, Georgia

5c) Jaquan Brisker, Safety, Penn St

5d) Bryan Cook, Safety, Cincinnati

5e) Boye Mate, Defensive End, Minnesota

5f) Breece Hall, RB, Iowa St

5g) Kenneth Walker II, RB, Michigan St

5h) Andrew Booth, CB, Clemson

5i) Travis Jones, DL, UConn

5j) Nik Bonnito, Defensive End, Oklahoma

6) I would argue the Bucs can afford to trade down at least 10 spots and still have a chance at least to get Bonnito. He's the cutoff point. If all these other talents are off the boards by the time he's still there (and it's unlikely, teams may still pass on those RBs), we're looking at getting guys who will not contribute right away IMHO.

7) On the bright side, we didn't draft a Punter.


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