Witty's "Will I Ever Get a Mock Draft Right?" Attempt Before 2022 Draft Night Itself, Will YOU ALL Leave A Comment So I Know You're Alive

Without the polling, I can't tell if anybody's actually reading these fanposts!!! LOVE ME! LOVE MEEEEEEEEE...

Anyway, to the five or six Bucs fans who DO read these things, y'all know how I roll on drafting:

1) I draft by Best Available At Highest Need. I don't draft Best Available, because if that's an unwanted QB or a LB when we've got 3 starting All-Pro caliber LBs, it doesn't help the talent gaps elsewhere on the roster.

2) When in doubt, draft Offensive Line

3) When in doubt and OL is solid, draft Defensive Line

4) Please don't draft any kickers or punters.

That said, I've gone to the Pro Football Network Mock draft simulator to see if my luck is any better on this compared to FanSpeak or PFF:

27. Kenyon Green OG Texas A&M

He was four spots down on the board, with only linebackers and a WR to choose from, and I picked him without thinking. Zion Johnson was gone by then, as well as any of the DTs that might have interested me.

60. DeMarvin Leal DT Texas A&M

This felt like a steal, he was right there at 60, and I thought this guy was getting touted as a First Rounder. Hmm. Still, DL help is much appreciated. Also, this was the second Aggie in a row...

91. Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State

There was an internal debate between getting Ruckert here or RB Jerome Ford, and I ended up going with Ruckert as TE is a higher need in my opinion.

133. Dameon Pierce RB Florida

Pierce was a reach at nine picks down, but again this was a bigger need than going after any of the LBs and WRs on the board at that point (there was an OG as well but Green took care of that need). With this pick, four of the top five needs on my draft list is taken care of, leaving only CB

248. Jermaine Waller CB Virginia Tech

As a Seventh Round pick, I'm not sure of the quality of corner talent we're getting here, but at least we're evaluating the talent at that position.

261. Aaron Hansford LB Texas A&M

Was the top talent on the board when I drafted. I could have used this to go after a receiver or running back who'll do special teams work, but I wasn't sure who among the remaining names was worth picking. And yes, this IS the third Aggie player taken, which feels... kind of icky doing. Why couldn't this have been a USF Bull player? Oh, right, they're terrible the last couple years (cries)


So this draft IMHO works out well as a mock: Guard and DL needs taken early, a decent TE talent to develop, a possible rough gem in Pierce at RB. I doubt it will shake out like this - Leal in particular should be gone before the 60th pick - but something along these lines would be wonderful as a draft.

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