Witty's Nonsensical Mockery of a Mock Draft For the Bucs That Will Likely Not Be the Real Thing 2022 STILL WITHOUT A POLL DAMN YOU SB NATION

Okay, we're rushing towards a Thursday night where we're facing the likelihood that most of the guys WE want to see drafted - Wyatt, Johnson, Elam, anybody good for Guard or Defensive Tackle - will be off the boards early. So we gotta cope with the fact that the Bucs can and will draft for someone - other than QB since we don't need that - we're not even gonna see coming.

My draft rules are as follows:

1) Draft for Best-Available At Highest Need

2) When in doubt, Draft Offensive Line

3) When in doubt and OL is solid, Draft Defensive Line

4) No more kickers

So with that, here's yet another mockery generated by the Fanspeak Draft Simulator:

27: R1 P27 CB Kaiir Elam Florida - This was a slight reach, as his draft value was ranked 38th, but everything above him were QBs or LBs or WRs that I felt we didn't need.

60: R2 P28 DL Devonte Wyatt Georgia - This was shocking to see Wyatt this low. On FanSpeak, his draft value has slid down a lot. Is there something going on I haven't heard about?

91: R3 P27 G Dylan Parham Memphis - I felt we had to grab a decent Offensive Linesman before we missed out. Parham was the highest value Guard on the boards at this pick.

133: R4 P28 TE Daniel Bellinger San Diego State - Tight End is the last depth need position on my list, and Bellinger was the highest-valued TE at this spot.

248: R7 P27 WR Jalen Nailor Michigan State - I didn't want to take receiver but there were no decent looking options at this point. Then again, this is a Seventh Round spot so anybody can get picked here, regardless of need. I'm not sure if Nailor is going to be good enough anyway.

261: R7 P40 RB Hassan Haskins Michigan - Kind of wanted a running back as a depth need pick, and Haskins was the top remaining back at this point.



This is NOT the draft I am hoping for: I'd much prefer getting a decent starting Guard in the First to fill the void of losing Marpet and Cappa. I'm surprised Wyatt was in the Second Round, and I'm not sure he'll slide that low in the real draft (unless there's something about him supporting Elon Musk's buyout of Twitter or something). Of the remaining picks, I have no idea if they'll be decent fits to our schemes.

I really think the Bucs should consider trading down, if not in the First Round then definitely in the Second as there were few rational choices to make at that spot on other mock drafts I've been running (this one had the oddity of Wyatt sliding, which I doubt will happen). It would help to regain at least a Fifth Rounder to ensure we draft some decent talent for each of the five major needs I have on my board: G, DT/DL, TE, CB, RB.

Here's hoping a good Guard is there at the 27th pick, or at least a good DL option to fit the DE spot on our 3-4 scheme.

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