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WATCH: Full interview with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians

A one-on-one with Bucs Nation.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Press Conference Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

On Sunday, former Buccaneers head coach, and current member of the Bucs front office Bruce Arians sat down with Bucs Nation’s James Hill during the Arians Family Foundation annual gala dinner. In this interview, they talked about many topics including the Arians Family Foundation itself, Arians' new role in the team's front office, and his thoughts on this upcoming draft class, as well as being a mentor to current Bucs head coach Todd Bowles.

During the special conversation about his foundation, Arians expressed how important his wife Christine has been in helping the foundation grow, so much so that she will be recognized as a local hero for children on May 7.

As for his new role with the Buccaneers, the former head coach stated that he has put in as much work into the draft as he has put in in any year of coaching in preparation for the 2022 NFL Draft. He stated that his new role will continue to grow and will have the flexibility to assist general manager Jason Licht with players as well as helping offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich with the offense, adding that it’s a “very general” job.

Check out all that Arians had to say regarding his foundation and as well as the Buccaneers in the full interview below! And for more information on the Arians Family Foundation, click here!