Say Hello To the Likely Bucs' 2022 First Round Rookie Draft Pick

We made it to 2022 and the Buccaneers have yet to draft a Punter in the First Round. LET'S KEEP THAT STREAK GOING, LICHT.

In the meanwhile, here's a list of the most likely rookie players the Bucs are looking at for the 27th overall draft pick this coming Thursday night, done in order of likelihood:

Devonte Wyatt, DT Georgia - Highly scouted defensive linesman whose positives cover quickness, excellent first step and block-shaking moves, and overall great pass-rush skills. He's considered too slight and not as effective against the run as an interior DT, with the scouts thinking he could slide over to the DE spot where he could give OTs matchup problems. This is where the Bucs would likely move him in the 3-4 front, next to Vita Vea as a disruptive presence.

Zion Johnson, OL Boston College - Someone who's right there on most draft board values near the 27th pick, and would fit a need for Guard the Bucs do have. Experience at both Tackle and Guard, Johnson is seen more as an interior presence (he also played at Center for the Senior Bowl, which raised his draft value). He's scouted as one of the best overall blockers in both run and pass situations, but not enough agility to make him effective as an OT at the pro level.

Kenyon Green, OL Texas A&M - The OTHER likely offensive line help the Bucs might find at the 27th. Although the scouting has him moving to a Guard spot, he's played Tackle most of his college career and can excel as a pass blocker.

Jermaine Johnson II, DE Florida St. - Scouted as an Edge type who may be more of an OLB in a 3-4 scheme, he's played the traditional Defensive End position well enough to where he could fit. Considered one of the strongest linemen in this draft, meaning he'll have the power to collapse his side of the pocket. Biggest drawback is that he lacks the quick first step, does not get off the snap as fast as he should.

Travon Walker, DE Georgia - Considered more of an Edge player than Johnson, someone scouts are placing at OLB more than DE, Walker may not be a perfect fit in a 3-4 system but he can create matchup problems and can help dropping into pass coverage in certain blitz packages that Bowles likes to run.

George Karlaftis, DE Purdue - Scouting doesn't have him in the top 32 players but he's been rising on some boards and may be the only value DL talent left on the board if the Bucs are desperate to draft one. Not an effective run-stopper but very effective as a pass-rusher.

Berhnard Raimann, OT Central Michigan - Someone who measures up as a possible First Round talent but lacks enough experience as a lineman, making this a high-risk pick. Does not recognize blitzes often enough, so putting him at Tackle would be a bad idea.

Kaiir Elam, CB Florida - In a draft that's scouting uncommonly high on cornerbacks, Elam is a top-value name who may be there at the 27th for the Bucs. While the team has re-signed Davis and the roster spot is relatively full, last season's experience of injury woes exposed a lack of depth at CB that Elam can easily fill. Is tall enough with range and speed to make him compete for passes against WRs. Does need to shake off the bad habit of grabbing receivers he developed in 2021. Can challenge for a starting spot as a rookie.

If there were a Poll option, I'd have you all select which pick you'd prefer. Instead, you're going to need to comment in the area below. COMMENT, DAMN YOU. PROVE I AM NOT POSTING IN A VOID! (voice echoes into the dark abyss beyond)

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