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Does the restructured contract of Mike Evans open more doors?

Bucs may be looking to continue to bolster their offense

Buffalo Bills v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Buccaneers continue to prove that salary cap freak out means nothing when it comes the way they are able to easily move money around. Jason Licht, Mike Greenberg, and the rest of the front office seem to always find ways to free up cap space to not only bring back their own, but lure those from the outside in to Tampa Bay.

Restructuring the contract of wide receiver Mike Evans is no different.

Evans, the ultimate team guy, agreed Thursday to once again restructure his contract so that the team can free up more cap space to sign others. Tight end Rob Gronkowski for example is one that could be announced soon and only possible with the Evans restructure as well as Chris Godwin’s new contract that has a low cap hit for 2022.

Are they trying to get the band back, again? Or perhaps continuing their search outside?

If so, it looks like Brady has been given the go ahead to recruit.

One of the names now tied to the Buccaneers is wide receiver Julio Jones. You know, that Falcons receiver that would easily burn Buccaneers defenders when healthy.

Anyways, Skip Bayless of Fox Sports suggested quarterback Tom Brady is actively recruiting Jones.

Will it happen? Who knows. But with Evans’ unselfish ways, he allows the Bucs to continue to make anything possible.