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Buccaneers ‘hope’ to re-sign Rob Gronkowski

Another report suggests money isn’t an issue when it comes re-signing the veteran tight end

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Buccaneers got an early Christmas gift a few days ago when Tom Brady announced he’s returning to Tampa Bay. And in return, the Bucs of course have tried and will continue to try to bring back some players for him like wide receiver Chris Godwin among adding players like Atlanta Falcons free agent receiver Russel Gage and trading for guard Shaq Mason.

But one player who has always and will probably always remain tied to Brady is veteran tight end Rob Gronkowski.

For Gronk, he has been mentioned in the same sentence as of late with the Cincinnati Bengals as well as being projected to sign Buffalo Bills. However, now that his good pal Brady is back with the Bucs, will Gronkowski return, too?

That is the “hope” inside the organization as The Athletic’s Jeff Howe puts it.

Tampa Bay’s salary cap situation has been well documented and always ends up being such an irrelevant argument and waste of breath due to the fact that the front office is always successful in moving money around.

So with that being said, Cameron Wolfe of NFL Network reports that whatever Gronk demands would not prohibit the Buccaneers from re-signing him, via JoeBucsFan.

Wolfe was firm [Tuesday] on the air saying Bucs officials have let it be known that Gronk’s salary demands “would not be a prohibitive factor” in re-signing him. The Bucs will make it work.

Still a lot of uncertainty remains, no doubt. However, the return of Brady makes anything possible.