Athletes are at an increased risk of developing psychological disorders, and some will require specialist mental health care, which can involve inpatient or day treatment or hospitalization. The IOC Expert Consensus Statement provides a summary of recommended clinical interventions for a range of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and suicidality. When a mental disturbance occurs suddenly or unexpectedly, a mental health emergency plan may be necessary.

On the other hand, for decades,White Widow Autoflower Seeds have been used to produce an herb that helps those suffering from anxiety and other mental health problems. In addition, any tension in thoughts will quickly dissipate.

Social media

The use of social media by elite athletes is increasingly being discussed, but the benefits and potential disadvantages of this technology need to be fully understood. Developing better guidance and best practice examples is essential to ensuring social media use is beneficial to athletes in high-performance environments. Employers should consider online behavior management as a fully-fledged service for their athletes.

Excessive use of social media is a universal problem and can be very damaging to athlete mental health. It is especially harmful to elite athletes due to the fact that social media has been designed to encourage addiction and create a dopamine-producing environment.

Lawmakers are getting more accustomed to passing mental health issues

Mental health is a major issue in many states, and lawmakers have begun to take notice. Last month, the Kentucky Department of Education's student advisory council voiced their concerns to lawmakers in Frankfort. Citing survey results, youth mental health summits, and student concerns, the council asked lawmakers to support more resources for youth mental health. It also urged lawmakers to increase the number of mental health leave days.

One such bill, HB 1773, would give designated crisis responders the right to request medication, therapy, and involuntary treatment. The bill would require a court order, but a crisis responder could also petition for the patient's treatment. The bill has the backing of groups like Mothers of the Mentally Ill and Disability Rights Washington. But critics worry that it would stifle the rights of individuals with mental illness and limit their agency.

Several bills seek to increase access to mental health and addiction treatment. Senate Bill 5638 would have allowed associate-level mental health workers to practice while their license applications were processed. HB 1863, meanwhile, would have allowed psychologists to prescribe psychotropic drugs. Normally only psychiatrists can prescribe these medications. Advocates hoped that the bill would make access to medication easier.

In addition to funding programs that provide mental health care, the Senate has passed a bill to provide a comprehensive solution to the crisis. The American Rescue Plan Act was passed by Congress in March 2021, but more legislation is needed to make sure the bill works.

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