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Leonard Fournette opens up about work, life balance

Leonard Fournette shows what his life is like away from the football field, being a girl dad

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a funny thing the way people view star athletes. Many times, athletes are viewed as borderline robotic - that players do nothing but prepare for games, watch film, and workout. And we see it far too often on social media where a player will tweet about something they’re doing or something they’re excited about and the troll chimes in with “you should be studying your playbook,” or “maybe you should work on making catches/tackles/reads/etc.” That’s not the way life is. There aren’t too many people that go home from work and continue to focus on work or do more things revolving around their job.

They want time to unwind, to decompress, to just enjoy being around their families and remove themselves from the every day stresses of their career. To just enjoy what they have worked so hard for.

For NFL players, their work lives can overtake what little home life they have and they go months having only seen their families once a week. For Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ running back Leonard Fournette, that day off at home is everything. That’s why on an episode of “Personal Day,” - sponsored by State Farm - Fournette spotlights how much he treasures time with his daughter, Lyric.

Fournette takes Lyric to The Cake Girl - a local bakery in Tampa on North Dale Mabry Highway that was responsible for the infamous goat cake given to Tom Brady for his birthday;

Leonard and Lyric spent time icing cupcakes while he goes through his history of nicknames and how each of them came about. It then showed the pair in his home where Lyric was giving him a manicure and painting his fingernails as the duo enjoy what time they can spend together.

For any father/daughter pairing, that relationship and bond are as tight and strong as anything you can imagine. However, for an athlete, it can be difficult to strengthen that bond with so much time away. For Fournette, it’s clear that he maximizes every minute he can with his daughter in order to create memories and allow her to see that she is still priority number one in his life, regardless of how much time his job keeps him away.

For the full video, you can click here or watch in the player below.