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Preseason plans for the Bucs taking shape

With their first preseason game around the corner, head coach Bruce Arians speaks about the plan for Saturday

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers OTA Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be taking the field in less than a week as the Cincinnati Bengals come to town on Saturday. With an abbreviated preseason slate, many are curious as to how coaches will approach the games this year given that they lose one game before the official season begins.

For the Buccaneers, not much will change on that front this week. Arians was asked how he’s approaching this game as far as whether he’ll treat it like a traditional first preseason game or lean more towards how a second game is typically handled;

“More like a first. Everybody will play. Don’t know how much but everybody will play. The Titans week we’re going against them for two practices. That will determine how that is as far as who plays in that one. And the last one we’ll play a bunch.”

So, Bucs fans will get to see Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Devin White, and the rest of the stars take the field Saturday night. Probably not for more than a series or two, but they’ll be on the field. As for the Bengals, they are still taking precautions for their (hopefully) franchise quarterback.

Per reports, Joe Burrow will not be playing in the game as he continues to work towards returning from a gruesome knee injury suffered last season. The Bengals, in typical Bengal fashion, did not help Burrow’s protection in the draft and will trot out one of the weaker offensive lines in the NFL this season. Maybe not playing him against this Buccaneers pass rush is a smarter move for the future of Cincinnati.

Most of the eyes will be on the likes of rookies Joe Tryon and Kyle Trask. Buccaneers fans are certainly interested in what their first round pass rusher can do while a large contingent are either rooting for - or against - the Bucs’ second round pick to perform well. Those Florida college allegiances are something else, aren’t they?

So, head into Saturday night’s contest the same way you would any other first preseason game of the year. Expect to see most everyone on the field, but the players you really want to see won’t be out there for long.