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From Intern to Champion: A conversation with Buccaneers social media coordinator, Jill Beckman

It’s not all about tweeting and posting pics, folks

Photo via Jill Beckman

A lot of people who work for NFL teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers start their careers as interns. This isn’t new and is actually a hotly discussed topic from time to time.

So the fact Jill Beckman started as an intern with the Bucs before getting hired full-time as the team’s social media coordinator isn’t all that unique. What is though, is the flair for combining humor, facts, flair, and some amazing video and graphic work done by other praise-worthy individuals within the organization as well.

You’ll find all of those features in Beckman’s social media traffic. Don’t know where to find it? Let me help you with that: Just go to @Buccaneers on just about any social platform you can think of.

There, now you’re tapped into what Beckman does for the Super Bowl LV winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But it’s not just about thumbs and send buttons.

“The analytics part of it might be something people don’t think of right off the top of their heads,” Beckman said when I asked her about a part of her job most people don’t realize is part of her responsibilities. “I feel like some people think, ‘Oh, you’re just tweeting all day.’, and it’s really much more than that...I think a lot of people don’t realize that a lot goes into it with researching our analytics...”

Like everything in football, there’s more effort and work put into the final product than what many see on the surface.

All of the work is worth it of course, for most who choose to work within the framework of an NFL franchise.

There are some moments that may be more satisfying than others though. Winning a Super Bowl is certainly high on the list I assume. Benchmarks and milestones make for good morale boosters as well though, and as Buccaneers social media channels hit and exceeded 1 Million followers for the first time ever, it’s certainly a strong feather Beckman can stick in her cap.

“Obviously having Tom Brady and winning a Super Bowl helps with that (reaching 1 Million followers), but I just feel like it’s a community that we have with all the Bucs fans. Just being able to reply to comments and engage with our fans, I feel like we just have a really strong, tight-knit community here.”

Hitting the million follower mark means most of you reading this have likely engaged with the team’s social media profiles a time or two. In fact, despite having Carl Nassib on the roster at one point, and Chris Godwin and Donovan Smith still on the roster now, Beckman may be the Penn State Nittany Lion you’ve engaged on social media with the most.

Beckman went to Penn State for journalism and through her experiences there - including working the Super Bowl when her hometown Philadelphia Eagles defeated Brady’s New England Patriots - realized she wanted to work on the team side of media. Can’t blame her.

Now, she’s the name and fingers behind your favorite social media channels.

Of course, success is a team sport. And Beckman knows she’s had some great teammates both in the Buccaneers organization and in life in general.

“First and foremost, my parents for always encouraging me to do what I love. And then in school always was blessed to have the best professors, teachers, everyone from my high school newspaper to my Dean at the College of Communications at Penn State, and all the professors in between who really took me under their wing and helped me succeed. And then I feel like now I’m just so influenced by everyone in the social media sports community...we all just really encourage each other and push each other to be the best that we can be, and I feel like it’s such a great community.”

Check out the full conversation with Tampa Bay Buccaneers social media coordinator Jill Beckman on the Locked On Bucs Podcast, and learn even more about the person you’re sending those likes, comments, trade requests, draft targets, and play-calling advice to.

Definitely one of the best in the business - if not the best - so don’t miss it.

Oh, and give her a follow on her personal account too. @_jillbeckman, on Twitter, if you don’t already.