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Buccaneers soak in White House visit

President Joe Biden gives special shout out to Delaware native Chris Godwin while Tom Brady has jokes for the crowd

NFL: Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers-White House Visit Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the opportunity Tuesday to visit the White House and President Joe Biden as we continue to see things returning to normal following the pandemic. That pandemic, of course, was a big speaking point about the 2020 Super Bowl Champion Bucs and the way they were able to overcome some of the obstacles in front of them while also giving the country an escape from a difficult time through last year.

These Buccaneers did so in route to becoming Super Bowl LV Champions - sandwiched between two Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cups, now - and they got to celebrate with the President, a long standing tradition. The 2002 Champion Buccaneers did not get the opportunity to visit the White House following Super Bowl XXXVII due to a rising conflict that did not afford them the time to meet then President Bill Clinton.

President Biden addressed the media and the team speaking about their comradery, their perseverance, and called back to his own playing days when he was young. This allowed him to give a special shout out to wide receiver Chris Godwin who is a Delaware native. President Biden attended the University of Delaware and was a United States Senator in Delaware from 1973 to 2009.

Tom Brady had the chance to speak, joking that he was called “Sleepy Tom” after forgetting what down it was in the infamous game against the Chicago Bears and saying that “Forty percent of the country still doesn’t believe the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl.”

While at the White House, team leaders Donovan Smith and Bradley Pinion, who are part of the team’s Social Justice Committee, spoke with Vice President Kamala Harris about voting rights. They also presented the Vice President with a jersey of her own;

In addition to the festivities, there was a reunion of sorts. Ali Marpet’s former teammate at Hobart and local grad Dom Ellis is now working as a part of the secret service;

There were a few notable absences including Mike Evans and Lavonte David. That’s pretty normal for any teams that go to visit the White House due to scheduling conflicts. And seeing as how quickly this trip came together, it was impressive the Bucs were able to get as many guys to go as they did.

For those that were unable to watch the events of Tuesday, you can see it in the following tweet;