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Talking Buccaneers repeat, fantasy football outlooks, and Tom Brady’s golf future with DraftKings’ Reid Fowler

Even surfing and Brian Scalabrine make cameos

The Match: Champions For Charity Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images for The Match

Could Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady make the transition to the PGA Tour after retiring - someday - from the NFL?

Not according to DraftKings’ Reid Fowler who told me, “Tom Brady is one of the better amateurs. Aaron Rodgers, one of the better amateurs. Steph Curry, some of these guys who are athletes, you know even Patrick Mahomes. We saw that golf tournament with all of these - Travis Kelce, and all of these football see some of these guys and, you know, they hit it well...But I think Brady’s best fit is playing in these exhibitions.”

So we may not have discovered Brady’s next career talking to Fowler on the Locked On Bucs Podcast.

The discussion wasn’t done there however as we, of course, had to capitalize on talking with one of DraftKings' best fantasy football analysts on roster.

But we didn’t stray too far from Brady to start, as Fowler shared his thoughts on where the greatest quarterback of all-time might land on the 2021 fantasy football charts.

“I think he’s a Top-10 quarterback or maybe just right outside,” Fowler said. “But I’ve done some mocks and I’ve seen him go as early as the eight (or) seventh round. Because you take a look at the offense, right. If you can’t pick the one guy that he’s going to hone in on, because he doesn’t. Then why not get the guy who’s going to be the one distributing the ball...take the guy that’s going to be part and parcel of all of those points that are going to be distributed to the (Antonio Brown’s), Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, O.J. Howard, (Rob Gronkowski)...”

While Brady has been great for football and the teams he’s played for, he’s been an up and down influencer of fantasy football rosters every year. When you have a quarterback looking to make the right play, instead of just getting the ball to his stars every snap, it’s going to lead to some down games for his skill position teammates.

In 2021, the group is getting a little more crowded with the arrival of Giovani Bernard who will compete with Ronald Jones II and Leonard Fournette for snaps, touches, catches, and most importantly to this discussion, fantasy points.

Fowler talked with me about Fournette getting overdrafted, Bernard not getting drafted at all, and how Jones is the most talented back on the Buccaneers’ depth chart.

Should you draft them, stash them, or keep tabs on them for an injury-required waiver wire pick-up? Fowler lets you in on all that, and more. Oh, and he also tells you which Bucs to target, avoid, and names one sleeper for you to keep an eye on.

Just remember, fantasy football value is not the same as real-life playing value.