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With helmet rule gone, Buccaneers can soon begin wearing their throwbacks

Organization hints at a return of creamsicle.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were so bad for so long in their classic creamsicle uniforms. But since switching to red and pewter and seeing some success, many now miss the classic Bucco Bruce look.

The Bucs haven’t worn said uniform since 2012. However, Tampa Bay’s COO Brian Ford spoke to the Tampa Bay Times and hinted at a return of every Bucs fan’s favorite pirate via Pro Football Talk, especially now since the dreaded “one helmet per season” rule has been removed by the league.

“It’s very important to our fan base, as well as the Glazer family and our entire organization,” Ford said, via Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times. “We love to kind of reminisce and play some ’70s and ’80s music and bring out the big pom-poms and the creamsicle. So it’s not a question of if, it’s just when, and we’ll definitely keep you posted.”

The Times article points out a deadline of July 31 for teams to advise the league of using an alternate helmet for 2022. One potential obstacle for this season is one that PFT points out, and that is the deadline for teams to request another alternate uniform for this upcoming season has already past.

Here’s the one fact that most have overlooked: Although teams have until July 31 to adopt a second helmet for 2022, it’s too late to submit to the league a uniform change for 2022. Thus, unless the Bucs wants to wear their Bucco Bruce helmets with one of their red-and-pewter configurations, the old-school helmets won’t be back until the old-school uniforms can return, in 2023.

This echoes a report out of Philadelphia, wear Eagles team sources are reportedly saying that the league date for submitting which uniforms to wear for the upcoming season has already gone by.

Now we don’t know if the Bucs — or any other team — got a jump start to this potential change some time ago and worked ahead on plans for this upcoming season to bring Bucco Bruce back. We don’t even know if that is possible. But if Tampa Bay can’t bring back Bucco Bruce for 2022, we can certainly see him return in 2023.