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Post minicamp wrap-up with Buccaneers senior writer/editor, Scott Smith

Thoughts and analysis from inside the organization

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie Minicamp Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wrapping their mandatory minicamp we have now entered the dreaded ‘dead season’ for NFL news.

Basically, outside of the occasional social media post which draws buzz or the unfortunate arresting of a player, there isn’t going to be much to discuss in terms of things happening now. This may also be called rankings season, or even the unofficial prediction period.

However, there is fun in recapping the offseason events which have actually taken place with people who not only attend the events, but work within the organizations conducting those activities.

Enter Scott Smith, senior writer and editor of (you may have heard of him). A regular guest on my Locked On Bucs Podcast with James Yarcho, Smith joined us again to talk shop following the team’s final activity before training camp.

Kicking off the conversation, I asked Smith for his thoughts on rookies Joe Tryon and Kyle Trask, after seeing them participate in early offseason events.

“It was definitely a better venue to judge these guys with, with all the veterans out there on the field as well,” Smith said.

He went on to describe Tryon as quick and ‘slippery’ among other things. Of course, he also pointed out how hard it is to truly gauge the future success of a player in unpadded practices, especially when discussing trench players who are on strict orders to leave the quarterbacks alone.

Trask may be the most talked-about backup quarterback in recent memory, so we had to get his thoughts on the former Florida Gator as well.

“This is a guy they’re trying to develop for a couple of years down the road. They’ve talked about how he‘s taking everything very slow and steady and so, I think that’s what we should expect from Kyle Trask. Just a slow and steady progress, and we’ll see in the end if it was a worthwhile pick.”

Of course, rookies aren’t the only new faces around the Buccaneers franchise these days. Tampa Bay didn’t go after many veterans, but they did add running back Giovanni Bernard who Smith says is fitting in really well with the team thus far.

Bernard piqued some interest earlier in the offseason by not only attending workouts with Tom Brady and other veteran players but also joining the younger crew for voluntary workouts as well. All of this is paying off early it would seem as Smith said Bernard is fitting in well and looks ‘quick and fast’ in his role for the offense thus far.

Of course, this was just the first three minutes or so of our conversation with Smith, so make sure you check out the rest of what we discussed on the latest episode of the Locked On Bucs Podcast.