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Tom Brady unsurprisingly still well-represented on NFL’s best-selling jerseys list

Over a year after the G.O.A.T. signed with the Buccaneers, his jersey is still one of league’s top sellers.

The love for Tom Brady—in Tampa Bay and everywhere—is as strong as ever.

More than 14 months after he signed with the Buccaneers, the seven-time Super Bowl champion and five-time Super Bowl MVP still has two of the top-selling jerseys in the NFL.

According to a graphic tweeted Friday by FOX Sports NFL that included the 15 best-selling jerseys in the league right now, Brady’s white jersey is No. 6, while his red jersey is (perhaps fittingly) No. 12. In the graphic, both jerseys have the Super Bowl LV patch, seemingly indicating that those specific Super Bowl jerseys are the hot ones on the market.

Looking at the rest of the jerseys in the top 15, you really get an idea of just how popular Brady’s No. 12 jersey is. The top two spots currently belong to Tim Tebow, who is back in the league for the first time in six years. Spots three, four and five belong to rookie Justin Fields. Then comes Brady at No. 6.

The seventh spot? Another rookie. Spots eight, nine and ten are more established players like Brady, though even No. 8 is a second-year player in Justin Herbert who is still emerging as a fan favorite. No. 11 is another rookie, then comes Brady again at No. 12. The list is rounded out by Jalen Hurts (who is in a similar situation as Herbert), another rookie and Joe Burrow, who is both in his second year and playing for a team that just redesigned its uniforms.

Brady, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are the three mainstays occupying spots in the top 15, and Brady is the only of the three to have his name appear twice.

The Super Bowl bump likely helps Brady’s jersey sell, but then again, it’s Brady. His jersey will likely continue to be a favorite for as long as he continues to play—and even beyond his career.

Have you gotten your No. 12 jersey yet?

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