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Buccaneers with one of the ‘easiest’ schedules of the 2021 season

Schedule rankings are out.

Super Bowl LV Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The NFL released the schedules of all 32 teams in the league Thursday and many are already dissecting all of it. The Buccaneers schedule is headlined by several primetime games, including the NFL’s opening game on Thursday night, as well as a trip back to New England on a Sunday night for quarterback Tom Brady.

The matchups appear to be ones Tampa Bay should not struggle with and it seems Draft Kings Nation agrees. They have the Bucs as one of the three easiest schedules in the league for 2021.

Here is what DK Nation had to say when analyzing the Buccaneers schedule and why they feel it’s one of the easiest.

Well, the rich keep getting richer. The Buccaneers get a lagging division, as Drew Brees is out of New Orleans, the Panthers couldn’t find a franchise quarterback this offseason, and Atlanta is on the verge of a rebuild. All the while the Buccaneers have all the players who started in their Super Bowl victory back.

This season they’ll also face the NFC East, a division that didn’t have a single team with a winning record in 2020. Their marquee matchups will be with the Bills and Rams and that’s it. Brady will face the Patriots in Week 4, but they aren’t a powerhouse anymore. The Colts’ big acquisition this offseason was Carson Wentz. Dallas will be better, but they have yet to show they can win big games.

Based off of that, it’s easy to understand (no pun intended) why DK Nation feels the way they do. But that’s why they play the game and if the Bucs want any shot at going for another Super Bowl ring, then they need to make sure they don’t play down to their opponents.

That is of course if their opponents are not as superior as many are projecting them not to be.