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WATCH: Buccaneers QB Tom Brady visits Disney World’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

A Jedi Master on the football field, he is. A Padawan in the galaxy, he proved he is no longer.

Tom Brady Celebrates Super Bowl LV Victory at Walt Disney World Resort
Tom Brady spent time in a galaxy far, far away to celebrate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers victory in Super Bowl LV this past February, where the star quarterback was named MVP.
Photo by Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney World Resorts via Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady earned his fifth Super Bowl MVP after the team’s win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV in February. Both he and tight end Rob Gronkowski were part of Walt Disney World’s postgame tradition of recording a commercial spot saying they were going to Disney World.

Gronk made the trip to Disney days after the Super Bowl, but it was Brady’s turn on Monday.

In the video posted below courtesy of Disney Parks, Brady walks through Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge with his custom lightsaber and experiences rides. He even has an exchange with Chewbacca, where he asks the Wookiee when was the last time he got a haircut.

Check it out.

The way that Brady wields that lightsaber, it appears his knee rehab has gone quite well indeed considering you need to have good footwork to fend off the Sith. And even if it hasn’t gone well, he wouldn’t have had to worry about getting hit by a Storm Trooper’s blaster anyways. They have horrible aim.