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Antonio Brown tells Buccaneers to sign him, Devin White reminds him they’re ‘waiting on you’

Well, this got awkward.

NFL: Super Bowl LV-Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
“Hey AB! What’s up it’s Devin. You gotta sign the offer sheet, my dude.”
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

“AB forget to switch to his burner account?”

Those are the words Bucs Nation’s Deputy Editor, James Yarcho, who took the below screenshot. Why did he ask that? Well, it’s quite funny, actually.

See, Buccaneers free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown remains unsigned. The Bucs have made multiple offers and the Seattle Seahawks have been reportedly interested for quite some time. But when Tampa Bay’s social media team took to Instagram to post about the return of all 22 starters from their Super Bowl roster, the veteran receiver responded to the post telling the team to sign him.

However, his response was seen by linebacker Devin White who reminded him that they’re kind of waiting on him.

Now we understand why James (comically) asked the question. We obviously don’t know if Brown has a burner, though.

We’ll see where this goes. Maybe they’re just hyping this whole thing up. Maybe the Bucs offers were lost in the mail.

Or, what if Brown’s fax machine was out of paper and the offers never printed? Perhaps this social media post will help get to the bottom of their negotiations.