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Report: Seahawks haven’t made a ‘major’ move for Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown

The veteran receiver remains unsigned.

Super Bowl LV Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Buccaneers free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown remains unsigned. His future on a potential return also remains uncertain.

Head coach Bruce Arians recently said that the team has given him “offers” and they were waiting to see “how it goes.” But where it’s going right now is kind of, well, nowhere. Or at least it seems that way.

One team that may have been preventing the re-signing of Brown in Tampa Bay has been the Seattle Seahawks. Quarterback Russell Wilson’s love for the veteran receiver has been widely reported as one that could influence the acquisition of Brown.

However, the latest from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler via Bleacher Report indicates that despite Wilson’s potential efforts to acquire the 32-year-old receiver, Seattle doesn’t seem to be in any rush to sign Brown.

They looked at Willie Snead and Sammy Watkins before they signed in free agency. So, they want to flesh out pass-catching options for Russell Wilson and look, we know Wilson loves Antonio Brown. He would like to have him on that team. They haven’t made any major moves there yet, but if this goes into the spring and summer and Brown is still unsigned with the Bucs, I could see Seattle swooping in there.

If what Fowler says is true, it seems that Brown may not be as high a priority on either list from the Buccaneers or the Seahawks. Fowler added that Seattle has also reached out to wide receiver Marquis Goodwin.

There could be several reasons as to why Brown has yet to accept an offer. But one reason could be pointing to the veteran receiver not receiver the demands he’s looking for.