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Antonio Brown civil suit settled, could lead to signing with Buccaneers

Don’t worry about the cap space

Super Bowl LV Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

When an Ian Rapoport tweet came across my phone reporting former (for now) Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown had officially settled the civil dispute between he and Britney Taylor, I thought what many of you probably did: Could this be the bridge everyone was waiting to cross?

The fact Brown hasn’t re-signed with the Bucs up to now has largely been laid at the feet of the wide receiver with the assumption being he either wanted more money or more guaranteed money free of stipulations.

Perhaps it was actually about the pending off-field issues still plaguing the talented receiver. Well, wouldn’t you know it, someone far more connected than I was having the same thoughts. So maybe there are legs to this after all as Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times tweeted the settling of the civil suit could lead to the Buccaneers and Brown agreeing to a new contract, “soon”.

From the moment Brown to the Buccaneers became a real thing midway through the 2020 NFL Season the team and head coach Bruce Arians have been clear about their stance. In Brown, they see a player who probably should’ve struck out, but is on what many consider to be his last shot at a continuing pro football career.

Any issues like he had in the past and Tampa Bay would have no pause in sending Brown packing like other teams before them. As for off-field issues, the team took the typically logical stance of allowing things to play out in their prescribed avenues, and reacting accordingly.

With this civil suit being a settled deal now, Brown and Taylor can move forward with their lives, making the best of what they have ahead of them.

So too can the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who already have all their starters back, but could be adding a key role player back to the mix as this 2021 squad looks to repeat the success of their predecessors.