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Gronkowski: 69% chance Julian Edelman joins the Buccaneers

The veteran tight end was most likely joking around. Maybe.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Veteran wide receiver Julian Edelman announced his retirement Monday after 12 seasons in the NFL — with all the New England Patriots. He racked up 6,822 yards with an 11-yard average and 36 touchdowns during that span.

He was one of Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady’s favorite targets when Brady was a member of the Pats. But a lingering knee injury forced him into the decision to hang it up as he only played in six games in 2020 and At 34 years old, Edelman may have already played his last down.

Or has he?

Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski was stopped by reporters Monday evening to talk about his former New England teammate. Via CBS Sports, Gronkowski says Edelman will return and that there is a “69% chance” that he will join Tampa Bay.

Odd percentage, and one the veteran tight end is known for joking around about. But it has certainly sparked debate across many platforms.

In short, there is no reason for the Buccaneers to add Edelman. They have enough depth at the wide receiver position that they utilized throughout their run to the Super Bowl just fine. However, Mike Florio or Pro Football Talk brings up an interesting point saying that the Bucs don’t necessarily need him anytime soon. But they can certainly add him down the road, mid-season as they make a run to the playoffs. (Insert comparison to timeframe of when Antonio Brown was added here)

Can it happen? Can’t say never, right? But considering the weapons Tampa Bay currently has, that 69% may actually be flirting with a single-digit percentage instead.